Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ninjas vs Vampires: Why the fuck did this take so long to happen!?

There's a movie coming out. Ninjas vs Vampires. Enough said. The synopsis for this movie needs to be explained as much as Hobo With A Shotgun's synopsis needs to be explained. All there is is Ninjas...and Vampires. I'm sold.

And if you can fucking believe it, this is A SEQUEL! First there was Ninjas vs Zombies! FUCKING ZOMBIES! That's awesome.

And NvZ is already out on DVD AND NETFLIX. Needless to say it's already in the old Queue. (AH FUCK, there's a "short wait", I'll never get it!!!) As soon as my copy of The Guyver 2: Dark Hero gets here tomorrow and I watch it then send it back...hopefully I'll be watching this movie. Unless Netflix fucks me. Which its done before. (Yes, I'd really like to skip disc 3 of the 5th season of Deep Space 9, I'm sure nothing important or relevant happens on the 2nd disc. Fuck.)

Here's the trailers for you to salivate over.



Ah, fuck it. Just buy it. I'm sure it's awesome. LOOK AT THAT LOGO!

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