Thursday, August 11, 2011

Casey Jones (TMNT) is coming soon

We're about to get really nerdy up in here. Below you WILL watch this trailer for a fan film about Casey Jones. This looks like a really amazing origin story and I can't be more excited. So far what I've read suggests that this thing is going to be a real full length unofficial movie and this is its trailer.

This is INSANE! This has the potential to be a really amazing origin story and a cool tie in to the first TMNT. What I don't understand is what the fuck Michelangelo is doing there. At first it looks like he's fighting Casey and then it looks like he's helping him and then carrying him off to safety. Mikey must think of Casey as a pet or something. I don't know. I would've had this movie be set as a pre-TMNT movie long before the turtles ever existed. But oh well, I'm really interested to see where this goes.

TMNT for life.


  1. I agree that its about time someone took the Casey Jones puck and ran with it- he's such an awesome TMNT character!

    Supposedly the film is scheduled to be screened this Sunday for the first time in Austin, TX. Wish I could be there. :)

  2. Oh man I can't believe how insane this is! A fanmade Casey Jones film! It looks great, they put a ton of work into it. You can actually feel how much they care about it. Brutal!

    I suppose its inevitable to involve the turtles, but it looks like most of this movie is about Casey alone. Frickin' killer, can't wait to see this!