Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Zombie Diaries 2 trailer: A look into the...nobody cares.

So this is the "official" poster.

And this is the DVD cover. I think Dimension should change their label from Extreme to Dimension: FIRST PERSON SHIT after what I've seen of Hellraiser 9 and this.

This doesn't look like a huge waste of time but I honestly have no comment on whether or not it'll be any good. I own the first one and it's just been sitting on my "waiting to be watched" pile of movies. I look at it, get kinda excited, then remember that everything I've heard about it is fucking terrible. So I just put it back and grab something with Burt Reynolds in it.

But these movies have made some pretty nice posters. The original's poster is amazing. So is this one's. I can't decide if I like the hot chick with a gun or the slicker-masturbation poster. Maybe one made other?

ZD2 will be available on DVD 10/11/11. Just in time for Halloween. Preorder now on Amazon.

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