Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Children of the Corn: Genesis Trailer

Finally, a trailer. I just got my mitts on ALL of the Children of the Corn movies and I was about to have a 2 week Cornfest on this blog when I happened across this in my coming soon titles. I've only ever seen the first COTC...and I liked it. I've read reviews for the rest of the series and it sounds like its a hell of an up and down bad roller coaster ride so I'm pretty excited about that. Perhaps I'll leave Cornfest for the fall as it is a time for harvesting.

Anyway, here's the NEW Children of the Corn, and by god it's a fucking sequel! NOT a damn remake. (I don't care if this movie blows, at least its not a rehash of something we've ALREADY SEEN. I like new, no matter how bad it is.)

2 things.

1. I want to see the "cars getting flipped off the semi" scene in its entirety.
2. I want to see more bodies falling out of the sky.

Children of the Corn: Genesis. Oh yeah. That's happening.


  1. I've seen the 1984 COTC and I loved the part when the couple's car gets "corned" to death! Can't wait for your Cornfest. I just love the name: CORNFEST CORNFEST CORNFEST!