Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hooray, another Dino-something or other.

I'll tell you what, if this movie can keep up the pace it might actually be pretty fun to watch. I just hope it does more than shred people. I hope it opens car doors and smashes peoples heads in them.

Something interesting I found while browsing the internet for Dinowolf: It is making its premiere at The B Movie Celebration in Franklin, Indiana this September. There's a shitload of bad movie directors and 3 days worth of bad movies to watch so if you're in the area: Check It Out. And then tell me how awesome it was.

But as for Dinowolf: It's written by Fred Olen Ray. He's a bad movie veteran. Watching the trailer, I'm sure this is your standard science meets nature flick with tons of murder. Hopefully they do something else with it. Maybe the Dinowolf is gay? That's why he kills ladies? Maybe?

But for now, cut the fucking Dino-Shit everyone. It's getting old.


  1. "If you go near that thing, it will kill you."
    "I'll take that risk."
    (turns around to get killed by Dinowolf almost before he finishes his line)
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god that just set the land speed record for suckiness.

    I love that they ran out of reptiles to make Dinos, so now they're making mammals Dinos. That doesn't even make sense. This is a whole new level in bad, I think it demands respect. I wish we could watch it for Full-On Full-Moon Fool's-Gold!

  2. FUCK! I forgot to mention that. That would be amazing if it was on Instant for this weekend.

    Oh well. I guess we'll have to do it again!

    (And I'm definitely watching this movie. F.O.R. bitches)