Friday, August 19, 2011

Ladies getting EYE Raped in: KILLER EYE 2!

Don't believe me, check out the trailer:

At 1:10, right after she says "The Eye Wants to Procreate With Us."

The Eye Want to Procreate With Us. HAHAHAHAHA Hell Yes it does!

This movie has been nearly 2 months in the making. WOW. Full Moon is really pumping out that shit fast. I guess they want it out by Halloween since its: Killer Eye 2: Halloween Haunt. That's ok with me, that's always been a part of the Full Moon experience, watching an insane movie that only took a short time to make. The faster its made the more chance of cheese there is.

You know at least ONE of these ladies is against nudity. Probably the one with the Tshirt.

I think I'm the first one to report this trailer. That's sad. And awesome. (Hey, I'm on the cutting edge of badness!) I mean come on, a Full Moon monster in the REAL WORLD! With lots of unwanted sex! It's OBVIOUSLY the next step for this series. Who wouldn't want to see that?

Maybe it's not just the eye that escapes through the TV. Maybe TerrorVision will make a quick cameo. You know that thing is sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Dig that shit up and stuff him in a movie again. WE WANT TERRORVISION! WE WANT TERRORVISION! WE WANT TERRORVISION!

I hope there's some random cop they call in. You know there will be. He'll walk in and see how smokin hot they all are and have walking wet dreams. Then he'll try to save them from the Eye but he'll die but not before saying something so stupid you'll want to punch yourself. But he'll die and we'll all be the better for it.

I can't fucking wait for this movie. My mind is exploding with possibilities.

Good times. I assume this will be available in October on DVD. No official details have been presented. Check out Full Moon Direct in the future for details.


  1. I hope Full Moon has a Labor Day sale. I'm fucking buying Killer Eye. I can't wait for HALLOWEEN!!

  2. Full Moon is my God I get so excited when they have a new movie!

  3. Gable: Yeah, if you hadn't mentioned TerrorVision I sure as hell would have! They need a Dollman vs. TerrorVision & The Killer Eye In The 8th Dimension. And (AND!) in the 8th dimension everything is REALLY SMALL so Thomerson would be A GIANT with that awesome particle cannon of a handgun. It would be a HUGE blood bath!

  4. After everything you just said there, I need to go get a towel and clean myself up. THAT would be fucking awesome.