Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Moon Direct getting and overhaul: Now accepting submissions

Here's a picture of Full Moon Direct from April that featured my review for Evil Bong 3D. Hell yes I took a print screen of that shit. But as you can see, the website is pretty meh. There's a lot of stuff on there but it's not updated very well. It's kinda like my site here where I just keep putting new posts but never really update anything else. There's so many links that are dead and pictures that really don't matter anymore.

But not to worry, out with the old and in with the new. They're revamping Full Moon and its going to be amazing. There'll be videos of the week, Charles Band will do his damndest to do a weekly vidcast, there'll be new articles from Past and Present Full Moon Directors and Crew like Ted Nicolai (Director of Subspecies 1-3, Terrorvision) and Stuart Gordon!! (Director of Re-Animator and From Beyond)

Hopefully it'll really take off and be amazing so we can get more of this:

On sale now! (only $20)

But don't take it from me, hear it from the man himself:

And now for more exciting news. A couple days after I watched the vidcast above, I received an email from Full Moon calling for submissions:

YOU have the opportunity to contribute to this fun new site! Please send a or link of  your short video. Content length should be concise. Sometimes the best online videos are only 30 seconds long! It is much better to have 30 seconds of great content than 30 minutes of not great content. Length of the video should not exceed 15 minutes. If your short film is longer than 15 minutes, consider editing it. Or divide it into compelling episodes and submit the first episode. Trailers and extended trailers will also be considered. We are accepting submissions here: Please note: submissions will be received. Those chosen to appear on the site will be notified.
So if you have any self made short movies lying around, get them on the internet and submit them to Full Moon Direct for a chance to have them show up on the homepage! How cool is that. I've been wanting to make a fake trailer for a movie completely shot and made by myself so I think that its time to make that happen. I've written my ideas down so hopefully soon I'll have time to get out there and shoot the damn thing. It will be amazing. But until then, keep your eyes on Full Moon, amazing things are happening.

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