Monday, August 1, 2011

TRANCERS WEEK! Day 2: 1991

TRANCERS WEEK continues with Trancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth. But Jack never left so I guess there isn't much to return to...fuck it. JACK DETH BITCHES! on your knees.

Trancers 2 just kinda forgets about the effects on time and space while inhibiting a body. So Jack went down the line and took over the body of one of his descendents to stop a madman. I get it, that's cool. What I don't get is why he's still there SEVEN YEARS LATER. Wouldn't that destroy his host, Phil? Once Jack DOES leave, wouldn't Phil have a huge blank in his memory? The only thing this movie touches on is that Jack's body in the future is decaying because he's been away so long. So WHY hasn't the counsel sent someone else down the line to give Jack the little vial of liquid that sends you back? Why? Why? Why?

Because it's fucking Jack Deth. And Deth doesn't care. And neither do I.

Trancers 2 is a great continuation of Trancers 1. You'll probably be asking yourself a lot of questions like I just did above...but its better that you don't. Like I said...Jack don't give a fuck. Plain and simple. He fell in love with Helen Hunt and has decided to stay in the past to be married to her. So 7 years later...the Trancers return. (Hmmm...maybe this should have been tagged: The Return of the Trancers)

Whistler, the bad guy from part 1, has a brother. (Richard Lynch!) And he happens to live in 1991 and he also likes making Trancers. But this time he doesn't do it with his mind...this time he does it with MEGA CRACK COCAINE FROM THE FUTURE! He runs a mental institution (prime folks with weak minds...easy squids fit for trancing) and grows the drugs out in a green house. He's aware of Jack Deth and attempts to kill him. But of course, fails constantly. Jeffrey Combs plays his right hand man....I'm sorry: Goatee'd Jeffrey Combs plays his right hand man. He spends all his time doing whatever the master tells him to do.

 Mr. Gable just won't quit ordering this stuff. He keeps saying something about the badness.

Also, the counsel descendent that they saved from Part 1 (Hap) is still alive and under the protection of Jack Deth. (I guess that's some reason for Jack to stay behind) Instead of being a homeless guy, he is now rich. But sometime in the middle of the movie, he reverts back to drinking and hangs out with the homeless guys again. This is fucking hilarious because he talks a bunch of homeless guys into playing baseball by luring them in with bottles and bottles of booze. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Like I said Trancers 2 is a GREAT continuation of Part 1. Even though continuity isn't their strongest concern, Full Moon did manage to pull off a great sequel. All of the cast is back. (And the new additions are amazing) Jack's dead wife makes an appearance. (This makes for some pretty funny moments as Deth struggles over feelings for his dead wife while trying to maintain himself for his current wife) Some other things that Jack had halfhandedly talked about in Part 1 are back. They also introduce a TCL Chamber, which has the power to send an actual person FORWARD in time. So the counsel wants to use this device to get Jack (and Phil I think) back to the future without killing him.

This movie really is all about the cast and the action. The cast is a B Movie nerd's wet dream. Tim Thomerson, Jeffrey Combs, Richard Lynch, Barbara Crampton, Sonny Carl Davis, Art Le Fleur. (You can see the full list here) It's just so AMAZING! The acting talent just never lets up! I love it!

Fortunately for all of you with Netflix, Trancers 1 and 2 are available on Instant Watch. That makes for one hell of a good time. Seperately, they're pretty awesome, but together: They're unstoppable.

Oh, did I mention the Freedom Tractor?


  1. Got to watch this again! Totally forgot Richard Lynch was in this.