Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bucks for Breasts (cancer) Update!

Panman Fundraiser Update!

<---HOLY CRAP! LOOK AT THAT METER! There’s some GREEEEEEEEN ON IT!! Yes, that is right loyal Reality occupants, we are ONE FIFTH of the way towards our goal of $200 and one fifth of the way towards getting an amazing Panman video EXCLUSIVELY FOR MR. GABLE'S REALITY READERS!

What the hell am I talking about? Read last weeks post for all the details.

Basically, Panman’s mother has developed breast cancer. (the REAL creator of Panman must be avenged) And for $200 Panman has agreed to kill Breast Cancer off once and for all set to the tune of the Hulk Hogan theme music. I have made this my goal over the next month to make this happen. The money donated goes towards the family and to help them pay some bills and we all get awesome stuff.

Such as:

-For $20, get yourself a SIGNED PHOTO OF PANMAN! That’s right, get in on the Panman craze well before it hits.

-And like I’ve already mentioned, once we collectively hit $200, Panman will make a video of himself doing battle against the diabolical Breast Cancer.

I want to thank the two incredible readers who’ve already donated $20. Once the fundraiser is over I’ll email your names and addresses to Panman and he will come to your house and pan yo…errr send you a signed picture of himself.

As for the rest of you, help out a good cause and get some cool stuff. Don't feel like you NEED to donate $20. Donate $10 or $5 or $1!! Any amount guarantees a personal thank you from Panman himself. I know we all know someone that has had breast cancer. Let’s pool our collective badasses together and help out someone that truly needs it.

And honestly, a dude with a pan on his head killing breast cancer to the theme of Hulk Hogan…that’s worth seeing.

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