Monday, August 15, 2011

Raging Boll Trailer: The life and hatred of Uwe Boll

If you visit this blog regularly chances are you watch a lot of Uwe Boll movies. And you've probably even liked them.

Or more accurately, you've probably accidentally watched them thinking they'd be good and then gone on and on about how terrible Uwe Boll is.

This documentary pushes that hatred to the limit. This documentary shows the life and times of Uwe Boll and the general mass hatred for him. (A lot of it from the internet)

Honestly, his movies are bad....but I love them. Big surprise right? Well, if I happen to see his name on the DVD cover I will usually grab it. I know I'm in for some shit but somehow the guy can gather up a lot of money to make them so at least I get some good CGI and effects for a bad movie. But recently, within the last year, Boll has really turned a corner. Movies like Rampage and Auschwitz have notched him up a bit as a director. I would even recommend them as being GOOD movies. They aren't "kind" or "nice" movies by any means but they really stick truth in your face and if that isn't the point of a movie, I don't know what is.

Raging Boll is currently available on DVD. Here is the official website...that shows you less than what you see here. HAHAHAHA Uwe Boll, you miserable bastard.


  1. Will have to watch this right away! Uwe Boll is always entertaining. I have seen all of his movies except House Of The Dead.

  2. I liked Rampage alot, as well as a few others, the whole Bollhate thing is unjustified, propably stems from all the games he made into movies...but there are plenty of worse directors...