Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Krackoon: A crack addicted psycho Raccoon coming soon!!

I want to thank my friend CG for tipping me off to this.

Krackoon...is a raccoon...that kills people...and is addicted to crack. I'm fucking watching this.

GAWD this movie has the potential to be the greatest thing since Thankskilling. I can not wait for this to hit DVD. The official website has no details as of yet. It would appear that they are screening this movie in a few local theatres first. I would assume DVD is just around the corner.

I am a little disappointed at the website. The trailers and the photo gallery do not show this cracked out killer coon at all. I know it's a low budget movie (just horribly sub-budget) but come on...we know this thing isn't gonna look that great...and you know what? We don't want it to look good. The worse this thing looks the better this movie will be. It could be a fucking sock puppet with a Davy Crocket hat on it and I'd still love it. They need to put some stills on the page or include a quick "snap" of it in a trailer somewhere. All they really got is this little cartoon Krackoon that doubles as your mouse pointer.  PPPPFFFFFTTTTT. Whatever.

Wow I can't believe I bitched about the lack of Killer Coons for that long. That's awesome.

*Awkward Silence*

To the Trailer!


  1. possibly extremely wrong on so many levels.

    like that's ever stopped me before....


  2. Fantabulous..! Reminds me of the Mighty Boosh episode "the strange tale of the crack fox":

  3. That was the point, Thanks for the mention, come see KRACKOON in L.A.

  4. Culver City November 13th @ 8pm If you want to see what Red Eye really looks like. Jerry