Thursday, January 13, 2011

Race War: Proving yet again that 2011 is gonna be awesome.

I love how there seems to be a revolution in independent movies as of late. I know there's always been controversial and offensive movies in the past...but lately I've been seeing more and more fucking IN YOUR FACE movies.

And I couldn't be happier. Check it out:


YES! That trailer is AWESOME! This is a bit of older news actually but it deserves recognition anyway. So if you already know about this masterpiece...enjoy it again! AND AGAIN! That trailer will never get old. Whatever that thing is that is shooting out rounds from its dick cannon is just amazing.

Here's the synopsis:
Race War tells the story of "two black crack dealers (Baking Soda and his sidekick G.E.D. (Ghetto E'ry Day)) who notice that their profits aren't as fat as they used to be ... and it turns out the reason is because some white boys duhn came into the hood selling their smack. Only problem? That white boy shit is turnin' niggas into zombies! Can you believe that shit? Things get twisted, and them dastardly white boys end up nignapping G.E.D. Baking Soda then calls on the help of the block's best hydro grower, Kreech: Da Black Kreecha from da Lagoon, to get G.E.D. back home safe and sound."
Hahahahaha! Racism is awesome. Not really...but that synopsis is just so wrong. Can't help but love it.

And this movie is based on short film that came in third place at the Alamo Drafthouse's Film Fest in 2009. Hence the "THE REMAKE" in the trailer. Race War is written & directed by Tom Martino and stars "a buncha jobbers you never heard of before"

Yes, this is happening.


  1. Somehow this is the first I heard of this flick, and I am so pumped I just headbutted the ceiling. This one looks like its gonna offend everyone. Kreech fuckin rules! What a pimp!

  2. Zombies, ejaculating robots and really bad acting. Oh man, this is a must-see!