Monday, February 21, 2011

I Am Here...Now: Cyborg Jesus is back from space and he's very upset.

I can only assume the official poster is too amazing for this movie
that the internet can't handle it. I could not find it anywhere.

Let's get down to the skinny of the situation. Our world is corrupt. We fight and murder each other. It's shocking that we all survive day to day to listen to me talk about shitty movies. We technically should have killed each other by now. But somehow we survive. If you can call our pathetic drug filled orgies a life. (Oh yes we can) But what happens with the whole second coming of Jesus? Should we be afraid? Should we even bother trying anymore? We all know for all the horrible things we've done in our lives that there's at least several hundred thousand out there that have done worse. So does that justify our actions? Well let me tell you my friend. No it doesn't. Because I Am Here...Now:

I Am Here....Now (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

And we're all gonna die!


  1. Oh come on! Is cyborg Jesus going around killing all the killers to show that killing is bad!!??!

  2. aaaaahhhh yeah. sweet irony. that'll learn 'em.