Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Amazing Bulk: BULK SMASH!

UPDATED! The director, Lewis Schoenbrun, emailed me the poster. How cool is that?

Nowhere does he ever say Bulk Smash. Sorry.

But it doesn't matter. Because this trailer, this beautiful trailer will solve any and all problems you have today:

Holy shit, did you see that car land on that chick? HAHAHAHAHA and all I could think of when the trailer started was...COMIC SSSAAAANNNSSS!!!!

Synopsis (if you need one):
Henry Howard an ambitious young scientist struggles to develop a super human serum designed to improve muscle mass and prolong life expectancy. His boss, the grumpy General Darwin, will not allow Hank to marry his daughter, Hannah, until the experiment is a success. Against Darwin's wishes Hank proposes to Hannah anyway, but his life is shattered by a mugger who steals his engagement ring. Dejected, Hank injects himself with the experimental serum and is transformed into the Amazing Bulk. The Bulk goes on a rampage through the city destroying everything in his path. Hank is caught by a relentless detective, imprisoned by Darwin and forced to battle the sadistic Dr. Kantlove, who threatens to blow up the moon with his arsenal of weapons.
Wait a minute...did the synopsis on IMDb start out with the main character's name as Henry and then turn it to Hank? Wow that's awesome.

Alright, this is obviously going to be pretty terrible. I can imagine this being pretty awesome if you were high or really drunk. Actually you might turn into the Amazing Bulk if you're drunk.

But on the other hand...I kind of like what they did with this movie. They wanted to rip off The Incredible Hulk, I get that...but how to do it with no money at all? The answer: MS Paint. Get some friends together over the weekend, improve some shitty story in an all green screen room, and play around in MS Paint for a few days. And bam, movie gold. (I'm sure the actual production was a little more involved than that)

Step 1: Rip off Incredible Hulk
Step 2: ...
Step 3: Make Profit

The Amazing Bulk is here and we should enjoy it. Actually make a night of it by watching other rip offs like The Black Knight - Returns and Metal Man! ALL THREE WERE PRODUCED BY THE SAME GUY!


  1. Poor Comic Sans tries so hard to be taken seriously.

  2. Holy balls in my mouth!

    Found this Amazing Bulk clip, "for screening purposes only":

    I haven't seen any of this guy's superhero movie rip-offs yet, I feel a marathon coming on...

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit that fat purple bald guy was great! Thank you. That was fucking awesome.

    Also, the graphics for Simcopter are better than the entirety of that clip. I love this movie.

    I found out about this guy by accident. A friend of mine found the Metal Man trailer (starring Reggie Bannister) and then I saw news of Bulk the other day and then went on IMDb and found all these amazing ripoffs. It's crazy.

  4. Not only did the cityscape in that screening clip look like MechWarrior but the way The Bulk walked looked almost exactly like an Atlas assault mech. Except an Atlas is MUCH more graceful.