Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Amazing Bulk Poster!

We just can't get enough of that purple bastard around here can we? He's like the annoying cousin that comes over to your family parties and never leaves. But for one reason or another you're ok with that because they're really fun to drink with and your significant other is out of town.


Click on it to see a much larger picture of it. I honestly think this guy could take Dr. Manhattan in a fight. Am I right?

A special thanks to the director, Lewis Schoenbrun. He actually tracked me down and emailed me the poster. And it was just a few hours after I posted the damn thing. How cool is that? I wish I would have seen it earlier but it went into the junk folder in my email for some reason...

...god I really wish I could make some joke about this movie being so awful that emails from anyone related to this film go directly into the junk folder...

...but I won't. We hold a sense of respect and honor for movies around here. (audience: FUCK YEAH MR. GABLE!) This movie is gonna be fucking INSANE. We all know it. You saw the trailer. There is nothing else like it. I can't wait. If my eyes had digestive systems, their stomachs would be rumbling right now. They're hungry for Bulk.



  1. Looks like your reputation is starting to precede you with The Bulk thing. Congrats! Heh, they should try marketing some sort of grape flavored BULK snack to satisfy your hunger on two levels!

    Also, love the Bad-O-Meters. Although that one still goes from 1-5 instead of 0-5. Eh, should be an easy fix... Or did I misread something?

  2. 0 is the red gauge of doom. It's so terrible it doesn't even register on the gauge.

    Otherwise its 1-5 on the green gauge.

  3. I will fix this in the bad-o-meter 1.5 :D