Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YOU can help produce Birdemic 2!

Awhile back I posted that there is a Birdemic sequel in the works. And there really is but the director has no idea what he's gotten himself into and now needs our help. He's looking for lots of money to make a sequel to one of the wildest damn movies to hit the scene since Troll 2. Currently donations are at $125/$100,000 so he's running a bit short. But I'm sure he could make the sequel with that kind of money anyway. I would think that he'd get more money if the bare minimum pledge was smaller than $50...but that's just me.

From the director, begging the fans to help him out. (It's worth watching, this guy is the shit)

A letter from the director which is more or less the same thing as the video:
Dear Friends and Birdemic Fans,

My name is James Nguyen and I am the movie Director of cult sensation hit movie, BIRDEMIC - Shock and Terror.  Birdemic, a romantic thriller, was produced for less than $10,000 and it made to the front cover of The New York Times!  CBS Morning News, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer & BBC World News did a story on Birdemic and me.  Birdemic was also mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The New Yorker, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press and many other major media outlets.  And there were endless sold out Birdemic screenings worldwide!  Birdemic was the cult sensation hit movie of 2010!  There are a lot of Birdemic fans worldwide.

Birdemic is about the harms and threats of global warming.  In Birdemic, the eagles and vultures are the heroes and good guys.  The attack from the eagles and vultures is a global warming metaphor:  an abnormal force of nature like Hurricane Katrina or Giant Jellyfish that attacked people on the beach.

Press Coverage:   Visit http://www.birdemic.com/Media_Birdemic.htm



Because of the success of BIRDEMIC – Shock and Terror and the many requests from Birdemic fans for the sequel, I am directing and producing the sequel, BIRDEMIC II - The Resurrection 3D which has a great storyline that compels and motivates me to want to direct it.

Visit http://www.movieheadpictures.com/BIRDEMIC-TheRe...

Birdemic II Synopsis:  A platoon of eagles and vultures attacked Hollywood, California.  Why did the eagles and vulture attacked?  Who will survive?

I am seeking $100,000 to produce BIRDEMIC II – The Resurrection 3D.

The $100,000 Birdemic II budget will be used as follows:  filming equipment, cast & crew, visual effects & production sets/costumes.

You can help in making BIRDEMIC II – The Resurrection 3D a reality with your contribution!

I appreciate your help!

Best Regards,

James Nguyen
Moviehead Pictures
To donate money, check out this website or you can go the official website for other information.


  1. "Again, thanks for all your support and HAP-PY BIR-DEMIC!

    That was awesome : ) I'd be surprised if he wasn't able to raise enough money.

  2. His video for birdemic-fest was just as amazing.

    I think he's had this running for a couple weeks now and far as I can tell there's only been a couple people that have donated. $125/$100,000. LOL