Friday, February 18, 2011

We need a little RAT SCRATCH FEVER! YEAH!

Finally, (another) movie Master Splinter could enjoy. Has anyone seen Food of the Gods? I haven't. But I did see Food of the Gods Part 2 so that qualifies me as an expert in Rat related horror movies. And this movie my friends, is pure Rat GOLD.

What I can only assume is the press release, courtesy of Dread Central:
"Jeff Leroy's schlock masterpiece Rat Scratch Fever is one the greatest feats of cinematic ingenuity thus far this century. Made on a budget of cheeseburgers and good intentions, this phantasmagoria of puppets, miniature sets, greenscreens and live Food Of The Gods-style enlarged rodents rat-chets the Dark Star homemade aesthetic to a new glorious extreme, reaching beyond sci-fi and horror conventions to become something truly transcendent, psychedelic and wow-inducing -- and that barely rat-scratches the surface of this madcap ride! A veteran in the world of low-budget horror and softcore skin flicks, Leroy throws everything in his resourceful arsenal (and garage) at the screen for this staggering entertaining tale of astronauts that bring back humungoid mutant rats to a Los Angeles just waiting to be demolished by their feverish claws -- resulting in a mash-up of alien invasion, animal disaster and mega-action that boggles the mind, hammers the senses and fulfills all expectations. Leroy’s incredible trailer has been circulating geek blogs since 2009 -- and we can assure you the final product is every bit as mind-shatteringly inventive and crazed as you want it to be."
I have to admit , I'm really excited for this. Once you see the trailer how couldn't you be? I rats. Big fucking space rats from space. It's just so amazing.

Oh yeah, I'm buying this.

Rat Scratch Fever is making its world premiere February 26th at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood, CA. After that it'd better RUN TO DVD because I'm getting Rat Scratch Fever over here. The wait, why must we always WAIT for these things!!

But if you are from the filmmaking team behind this movie and are reading this, I will take any screener copies you have and I will make amazing reviews of this movie. I already know this thing is gonna be awesome. Way awesome.

I'm such a bad movie whore. I'll do anything. WATCH ANYTHING. I mean I'll watch anything.


  1. I love coming here. Not only do I found out about awesomely weird movies that I would otherwise probably never hear of, but your enthusiasm for these flicks and the humor that comes along with it cannot be beat. You get so excited that you make ME want to rush to watch. And that's coming from someone who doesn't see a ton of movies.

  2. But it's SPACE RATS! Big Fucking Space Rats that eat babies. Who doesn't want to see that? lol

    And thank you for your comments. I get pretty pumped about bad movies. I'm glad that some of that transfers to people. Independent film, no matter how stupid, really needs to be supported in every way possible.

  3. The only way this movie could be any better is if Ted Nugent stumbled onto the set and actually got devoured by rats during filming. Mmm... tasty tasty irony!