Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. Gable's News and Updates!

Mr. Gable's Reality is spreading like a virus. It is possible that it could take over the world in approximately 67 years (if I stick to it long enough). YOU JUST CAN'T STOP IT!

But Bruce Campbell can...

That being said, big changes are happening here at MGR, all of them bigger and better than the last. First off...I've stooped to the lowest common denominator. It is with great displeasure and for your convenience that I announce that Mr. Gable... on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow mrgablesreality on Twitter
I feel dirty. Like some kind of bad movie WHORE.

Click one of the above buttons to be directed to Mr. Gable's Reality elsewhere on the interwebs and by all means follow me. And tell your friends to follow me. It's gonna be better than the impending zombie apocalypse. And if you follow me...I'll tell you everything you need to know to survive.

(Stupid cattle, they'll follow me and while they're being eaten it'll give me a chance to get away MuWahaha)

Ooops...did I just say that. I didn't mean it, I swear. (suckers)


I am currently registered as an official writer (NOT Sex Offender) for ANOTHER blog. A very very sweet blog.

8-Bit Reviews. The greatest damn video game (and video game related) reviews from then and now you'll find anywhere else. It just got started so give it some's picking up speed (and writers) very quickly.

It'll be great for me to step back and put my thoughts into something else every once in a while. Of course they'll probably be "bad" my first post over there. I undertook the task to checking out Jaws on the NES. What a horrible horrible game. Please download it and play it. DRUNK. It's awesome.


Introducing...for your bad movie review pleasure...

The Bad-o-meter 1.0. Bask in its pixelated glory.

I've always wanted to do a rating system with the reviews that I write and I also wanted something original and unique to I invented the Bad-o-meter. A shitty little tool that will gauge the awesome badolity of movies.

Notice the Mr. GR stamped into each gauge. That's in case you try and fucking steal it I nothing. But I'll tell everyone you stole it and they'll all glower at you angrily.

BUT LOOK OUT! Don't let the Bad-o-meter deceive you. This particular gauge runs on a rating of 0-5. NOT that pussy 1-5. I watch bad movies...and I review bad movies...therefore logic demands there be a ZERO. Because we all know that Batman and Robin doesn't deserve anything above a zero. So if I watch a movie so painful I'd rather rip out my eyes and never view anything upon this Earth'll see the dreaded Red Gauge...OF DOOM!

Reading reviews with the Red Gauge of Doom is nearly as cancerous as the movie itself.

So there you have it folks. I have a great feeling about this year. It's already chock full of great bad movie news, great things are happening...

...and I've already received a couple screener copies of movies. 2011 is fucking AWESOME.

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  1. I am scared and titillated by the new changes.