Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sister Wrath will have "Nun of That"

I came across this film when I was researching The Disco Exorcist. Nun of That is already out on DVD but its news to me so here we go. Check out Scorpio Film Releasing for other amazing bad movies. Like The Creature From Hillbilly Lagoon, The Atomic Brain Invasion, and Spladder Disco (Starring Ken Foree!). I see great things for the future of Scorpio. They've already won me over.

And this is why.

YES! Approximately 2 minutes after I watched this trailer I was buying it on Amazon. I was like...this kinda looks like Hobo with a Shotgun...but with Nuns. Awesome. Look for a review in the near future.


  1. LOL! I loved the Jewish nun assassin with his throwing stars of David and his "unorthodox" fighting style : D

    Can't wait for the review!

    P.S. And was it me or is Sister Wrath A LOT more stacked on the movie poster?

  2. I think you're right. But since she's a lesbian I'm gonna give her a pass on this one.