Thursday, April 28, 2011

Incest Death Squad.

That's right fuckers: INCEST DEATH SQUAD.

I'm just going to let that sink in a minute.




Oh yeah. This is happening.

Incest Death Squad is actually a product of my trip to Evil Bong 3D. I met the writer/director Cory J. Udler there. He was a very cool guy and we got to shooting the shit about bad movies...and it turns out he made a couple of his own. Incest Death Squad being one of them. The other? Incest Death Squad 2! HAHAHAHA

That's amazing. There isn't just ONE of these trashy movies, THERE'S TWO! This is gonna be awesome.

Check out this joyous trailer now:

Lloyd Kaufman baby. You know its awesome when that guys involved. And his little rant at the beginning of that trailer is priceless.


Incest Death Squad.  The name itself counjures up images of exploitation and grindhouse filth.  The first film, released October 2009, follows the incestuous Wayne Family and the newspaper reporter, Aaron Burg, on an orgy of bloodlust.  The film has been panned by Fangoria, heralded as a classic by dozens of other horror and exploitation websites and magazines and celebrated by trash film fans across the globe.
After speaking with Cory Udler about his movies, he told me that he'll be sending me a screener copy of them. And let me tell you, if I get those I'm gonna review the SHIT out of them. I'm going to do terrible Incestuous things to those discs. And I'll be sure to write all about it!

But for now, YOU can own these amazing movies! Go to the official website and you'll be redirected from there to buy it and you can also check out other info (like part 2) and pictures.