Sunday, January 23, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever is coming...

That's right motherfucker.

The internet was all aflutter with this over the weekend...but so am I so here it is.

Duke Nukem, the game that defined most of our lives, is finally releasing a sequel. We know the man, we love him, and for reasons unknown there has been little made to replicate him. He's lude, he's crude, he doesn't fuck around. Guns, explosions, punching aliens in the balls, bangin strippers, pissing in the streets, he doesn't care. If its awesome, he does it.

Hail to the King baby.

I'm gonna dig up my old DOS Nukem right now. I'm fucking ready for this.

Look for Duke Nukem Forever to hit stores May 3, 2011. The day of reckoning has arrived.

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