Monday, January 17, 2011

Just a quick reminder...

Death Race 2 comes out tomorrow. Whip out your wallets, Add it to your instant queue, Or just wait another couple months and pick up one of MANY copies sitting on a pawn shop DVD rack for $2! It's gonna be awesome!

I'm sure this will be just like the that it's worth renting from Netflix and forgetting that it ever existed. But Danny Trejo I'm obligated to love it. And you should to.

Besides...Twisted Metal 2 was MY GAME back in the day. I played the shit out of it. Maybe they'll do a third Death Race that's international and they'll blow up the Eiffel Tower. I would buy several copies if they did that.

And also...

I watched many many movies over the weekend. Look forward to some amazing reviews in the next few weeks...and maybe into next week!

All day movie marathons are awesome. Especially bad movie marathons!


  1. Gable... Gable... Gable

    Lets give credit where credit is due, while twisted metal was great. See if you can find some video on a game like that came out 7-10years earlier. Carmageddon. This is the true gaming successor to the original Death Race 2000

  2. You are right Anonymous. Carmageddon is pretty awesome...although I never really got to play it much. My poverty only allowed me a frequently borrowed copy of Twisted Metal 2 lol.

    Speaking of...what the hell happened to those franchises anyway? Why aren't they making a big comeback on the big systems?

  3. I have to wait until mid-February to get this, due to that whole "movies don't come out on Netflix and Red Box until a month after Blockbuster" crap. I'm willing to wait though.