Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Somebody is ripping off Asylum Movies: Super Shark

I don't know what to say. Is the world tearing itself apart? Is there absolutely nothing better to do than keeping ripping each other off? Hey, I'm all about the occasional ripoff or spoof, I saw BLADES over the weekend and that movie was like watching Jaws...with a killer lawnmower. (on Netflix Instant Watch!)

Actually that sentence is probably more exciting than SuperShark. Although there is a trailer...lets watch and see how shitty this thing is gonna be:

Whoa, Jimmie Walker. Bo Duke. Sarah Lieving? (She was in Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus) Whoa. That's kind of an interesting combination.

Dear god, is that a walking tank I saw? Kicking a walking shark in the face? And that shark can fly too? Wow. I still don't know what to say. I want to want to watch this...but I don't think I can. I's fucking insane...but enough is enough with these ripoffs and spoofs and all these ridiculous ideas.

Now, had that been a dolphin, I would be behind this project 100%.

On the plus side, this movie has brought someone to my attention. Fred Olen Ray. He is the director/writer of this movie. I really have never heard of him before but if you click that link to this IMDb'll see a very long list of shitty movies. With titles like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Alienator, and dozens upon dozens of softcore bikini titles. I think I may have just struck it rich with this guy. We will see.

(HOLY SHIT, I JUST SAW THAT I OWN ALIENATOR! I'm watching that later.)

Thanks to committed for enlightening me to Super Shark.


  1. Somehow this movie also reminds me of Carmageddon. I kid, I kid, Well looks like I'll be adding yet another card or 2 to the BNM card game now. Walking tank and SUPER SHARK! Where can I find this flick? I must watch!

  2. great would that be if they made a new Carmageddon with those two characters? I'd buy it.

    And from my sources (IMDb) this thing isn't out yet, it says coming 2011. So I have no clue. Look for it on SyFy I'm sure.

  3. I'm with you, Mr. Gable. I kinda feel like this one is a day late and a dollar short. We've moved on, giant sharks are boring now that we have Sharktopus and Croctopus and Sharkdonkicore (shark/donkey/manticore). You're going to have to mix together 4 animals and throw in some cybernetics a la Transformers or Terminator to get ahead these days. (Skunkdonkangaraptorminator! Transformeracoonasaurusharkoala! Hit me up, Hollywood.)

    And is John Schneider a crack addict now?

  4. yo - the weirdest shit is that fred olen ray, director of supershark, is the father of christopher ray, director of mega shark vs crocosaurus, both of which feature at least three of the same actors, including sarah lieving and erica duke. WTF was the thanksgiving dinner discussion at the ray's last year?

  5. If anyone can rip off The Asylum, it's Fred Olen Ray-- one could argue that they were ripping off him to start with-- but I wonder how much this is a rip-off, and how much it might be something else, like maybe something The Asylum passed on, because it also has Shane Van Dyke in it, who has directed a few Asylum films, including Titanic II.

    Also, I think you'll dig Alienator, but it's really bad, like in a Space Mutiny kind of way, which is apt, because it has Calgon in it.

  6. I Think That These are Guilty Pleasures ? besides How else are D-list Celebrities , has beens and used to was's get work? the Infomecial world is already booked up! I MEAN seriously the whole point of any movie is fantasy ! Something to take us away from our Troubles and humdrum existence for 90 to 120 minutes anyways Besides If it were'nt for Cheezie Movies what would all the Playboy playmates , ex-pornstars , waitress/ actresses do ? Besides Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is worth it for the fight scene between Tiffany & debbie Gibson alone Imho anyways ! Hey It's like IceCream ? some like Chocolate , some vanilla, and some strawberry ? And some fols are lactose intolerant To? and some people Like the really Wack Flavors Like Spumoni or Banana berry Frapple almond Frappe Crunch Delight { with Sprinkles !!!!!!} Me Likey !!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous, I agree with you completely. The more I think about this movie, the more I must see it. You are right about D list celebs needing work. Their work is the reason I blog, so bring on all your super sharks and mega kittens, cuz I'll watch them and love them.