Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SyFy Movie Fans Unite! Crocaloctopus!

I can only assume this guy tells everyone, "Don't to call me Shirley."

Finally, a movie we can really get behind! Seriously.

This movie is more or less a project in internet marketing. Can this concept generate enough buzz to get SyFy to make it. I'm will. They've already done Sharktopus...this is just the next logical step.

From the facebook page:
I'm Crocaloctopus, I hope some day to have my own Syfy Saturday night movie or an Asylum movie just like Mega Shark, Gatoroid,Giant Octopus,Dinocroc, Crocasaurus and others. I think I have a lot to offer Mr. Corman,Syfy and the good people at The Asylum and hope they'll give an overgrown genetically mutated tadpole hybrid like me a chance! I have a comic book on the way in the Spring and a plushy toy line late Summer.
ALRIGHT! At least we'll get a comic book. That'll be fucking sweet. And it looks like they are selling T-Shirts right now as well from the facebook page.

Crocaloctopus....maybe not the most original idea ever conceived but there is massive potential here. It make for another shitty Saturday night on SyFy...but that doesn't matter. What does matter is the future. Sharktopus already exists. So if this creature exists then its ONLY logical that they go head to head! Sharktopus vs Crocaloctopus. CAN YOU FUCKING SEE IT!

I can. And it's beautiful.


  1. These movies are getting too organic for my taste. Need something more techmological like MECHA-BEAST vs. CYBER-THING, with lots of automatic weapons fire (ballistic, beam and missile weapons plz) and lots of ferro fibrous armor to blast away chucks of so the two can have an extended slugfest before any real damage is inflicted.

    What? No! I've NEVER played MechWarrior online so stop asking!!

  2. MechaRaptor vs CyberYeti

    A Raptor is reanimated by means of robotic technology and a Yeti is tamed by means of nanobites...both get loose and are pulled together to destroy each other.

    lol in our dreams.

  3. Last night on Modern Family a movie called "Croctopus" was part of the story, which appeared to be a fake-take on this movie. But it was 3D.