Friday, January 14, 2011

Slime City Massacre: A sequel

Wait a minute? This is a sequel!? Yes...yes it is. The cult classic Slime City is from 1988 and bears a remarking resemblance to Street Trash, meaning that they both contain a "booze" that causes people to melt. Although, the people from the IMDb forums are saying that Slime City is the inferior of the two. So why does this one get a sequel and Street Trash doesn't!? BLASPHEMY! But we'll never know...but let me tell you, this doesn't look half bad. I just love that the 80's is making a comeback. It's my favorite fucking decade if you don't already know. And not with just big names either (Rambo, Die Hard), now low budget shitfests are getting sequels. Makes me want to cry it's so beautiful.

Just bear with the first minute and half of the trailer...the good stuff comes after that.

AAAHHH YEAH!! BOTTLE FACE! AH HAHAHAHA!! That's looks pretty awesome! I LOVE 2011! Practical effects are making a comeback. I don't care how shitty it looks, it's way better than SyFy CGI. Fuck that! WE WANT THIS! SLIME CITY MASSACRE!

From the website:
Written and directed by Gregory Lamberson, the film takes place seven years in the future, after a dirty bomb has decimated New York City's financial district and reduced midtown to a post apocalyptic nightmare... "Slime City." Into this hostile environment arrive Alexa (Jennifer Bihl) and Cory (Kealan Patrick Burke), a draft dodger and an army deserter, seeking refuge. In a seemingly deserted building, they encounter Mason (Lee Perkins) and Alice (Debbie Rochon), two hardened survivors who teach them the ropes. In flashbacks, we see how Zachary Devon (Robert C. Sabin, star of the original) indoctrinates a prostitute named Nicole (Brooke Lewis) into his "Coven of Flesh," and we learn why he and his followers committed mass suicide. When Alexa, Cory, Mason and Alice discover Zachary's "home brewed elixir" and "Himalayan yogurt" in the ruins of his soup kitchen, all four characters are possessed by the spirits of Zachary and his followers, with outrageous results. Throw in homeless people, mercenaries, and mutant cannibals, and you have the recipe for an epic battle - the Slime City Massacre.
I have a feeling this movie is gonna be a lot like the trailer and this synopsis: 60% buildup (we know something awesome is gonna happen, we just gotta pull through this) and 40% COMPLETE FUCKING ANNIHILATION. I think it'll be worth it.

You can go to the website and buy the original Slime City on DVD RIGHT NOW. For only $10!!! That's pretty kick ass. As for this movie...looks like we can look forward to the DVD later this year. When? Who knows...but it's probably worth keeping an eye out for it.

I hope there's a soundtrack...that song at the end of the trailer is pretty awesome.

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  1. Did I just see a blue, rubber crawling brain!? I want that for my birthday.