Monday, January 31, 2011

Gingerdead Man 3 Trailer! plus Full Moon update!

I feel like I'm fading, fading. Cuz the Gingerdeadman killed my parents in this trailer:

The cookie has crumbled. And sidenote: You'll notice "The Killer Dolls" there are at the end of that trailer. They were a couple hot chicks that discovered Evil Bong and sent Charles Band a youtube video expressing their love for it...and so Charles made them official reviewers of Full Moon movies. They did a few but kinda faded away. But it's cool to see them live in action.

And dying.


Evil Bong 3D is done! New Puppetmaster! SIX NEW MOVIES! WWWWOOOOOOO!!!!
(Wish I could go to the preview, Re-Animator viewing plus Barbara Crampton. Damn my poverish lifestyle!)

Also, check out Full Moon Direct this Valentine's day for some lovely killer deals:


  1. I'm watching that for the roller skating scenes alone!

    That Gingerdead Man does look a bit like an evil John Travolta in that pic.

    The crazy shit you manage to dig up, Mr. G.

  2. ZOMFG New Puppet Master movie IN 3D! I passed out 3 times while typing this.

  3. Yep, you did that marathon a little prematurely.

    It'll give me a good reason to sit down and do one myself. It's gonna be awfu---AWESOME.

    FOTD - You sir, are welcome. It's what I do.

    KATN - They gathered a bunch of contest winners from their road show and killed them all in one massive scene in the roller rink. It's gonna be badass. (And I agree completely about John Travolta. I think this cookie can boogie better.)

  4. Yeah, thanks for the update, dude. Always cool to hear from the Band man.

    I'd say more but my sweatshirt is putting me to sleep as my body prepares for hibernation in response to the winter weather that's about to pound the midwest.

  5. Yep, I spent most of my morning and evening yesterday blowing out my driveway. Winter rules.

  6. Are the Gingerdead Man films good, despite the lack of Busey? I never managed to catch part 2 because of that.

  7. I honestly haven't seen them. Just clips on the internet. But when part 3 releases, Full Moon is putting together a trilogy I'm kinda waiting for that.