Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boogerman Video Game Review!

Hey everybody! Check out a review I did over at 8-bit Reviews! Also you should like their facebook page. If for no other reason than we'll have a chance to win some free stuff!

You go ahead and you have your Super Mario Bros. and your Zelda. You keep your Final Fantasy and your Street Fighter. You even can have your Sonic and “Super” Metroid. I’ll take Boogerman, thank you.

Boogerman is the only game to memory that I have ever acquired, played, and beaten in the span of roughly 10 hours. An experienced and highly skilled player could probably do it a lot faster but as for me…it took me a couple of times. Once to learn the controls (stupid rental place never came with an instruction booklet) and twice to actually play it decently.
 If you can call playing Boogerman decent.

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