Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad Movie Battle Royale Loser Bracket?

8-Bit Reviews stole an idea from me and now I will steal an idea from them. (well it's technically not stealing since we're all on the same team but fuck it. When something's awesome, it's awesome. 8-Bit is awesome and I love their Bracket Brawl. It's gonna be awesome and I'm totally gonna win.)

That being said:

What do you guys think of a Loser Bracket? With all of these upsets and this craziness with (supposedly) great fighters getting beaten out in the first round, what do you think of a loser bracket? Winner of the loser bracket faces the champion of the Bad Movie Battle Royale in a special event for supreme victory as...without a shadow of a doubt...the greatest bad movie (of the 12 that I chose to participate in the royale).

I'm asking for 10 PEOPLE to post a comment here and let me know that you want to see more. Just 10. If not, we'll let it go and get on with our lives. If you're enjoying what you've seen so far, let's take it a little further. But ultimately, its up to you.

And this time it'd be different. I'd do the loser bracket all in one post, a mini-synopsis of the match and the victor. I wouldn't draw it out for an entire week.

Unless you ask me to.

Also, this does not effect the contest or the winner of the Bad Movie Battle Royale as it stands this week. The loser bracket would simply be the...rematch to determine just exactly WHO is the REAL bad movie in this place.

You have until Friday.


  1. Yesh I do, something better to look at than homework.

  2. NOTanonymoussteenMarch 22, 2011 at 9:27 PM

    Please I think SHE still needs a chance!

  3. AnonymousSteen 2: Electric BoogalooMarch 22, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    Ok people I've done 3...ahem I mean 3 OTHER people want to see this so far (including myself who is totally NOT the other 2 people) I would like to see this

  4. HAHAHAHAHA this seriously made me fucking cry. That was awesome.

    And you know...maybe I'll do another contest anyway. I'm not entirely happy with the thing I bought for this contest but it seems perfect for the winner of the loser bracket!

  5. Here, and you have to count Tim Pilleri too. I don't think he saw that it was supposed to be a big fancy blog comment!

  6. Yeah, just do a standard double elimination, double bracket. When the LoserWinner and the WinnerWinner meet in the FinalFinal match the LoserWinner has to beat the WinnerWinner TWICE in order to take it all.

  7. It'll be like Over the Top, where if the winner of the loser's bracket beats the winners bracket winner, he/she gets a new trucking business, custody of their child, and all of their debts covered-- plus no criminal charges for driving a truck through Robert Loggia's house.

  8. I haven't watched Over the Top in so long. I need to watch that again...Hello Netflix Instant.

  9. I'm the, what, 7th person? Or 4th? Either way, I'm in, because DAMMIT my movie sucked balls in round one.