Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't let THE LASHMAN get you!

The Short but so Sweet Synopsis:
The Lashman is a tale of terror. Five friends set out for a weekend camping excursion to find that their campfire tales have turned into their worst nightmares!
Awesome! That's a bit of a different twist on the old "let's go out to the woods and get drunk and screw...then die horribly" scenario. Kudos to you Lashman. I can only hope your delivery is as great as you make it seem.

Hey alright! That was...pretty cool. I'm diggin it.

Alright, I'll be honest with you guys. I'm really posting this for 2 reasons. 1: I came across this by pure chance and it stars an internet friend of mine: Lee Vervoort. (Buy his movie Gun Town, it's awesome) I've known him for a few years and he's a hell of a cool guy but until today I haven't heard of this. What a fucking terrible friend I am. And 2: That fat guy (I don't mean to call him the fat guy but its the only way I can point him out quickly) in that trailer looked really familiar to me. Like really familiar. So I had to check out IMDb. His name is Shawn C. Phillips. And you know who that is? It's that fucking guy that I used to watch on YouTube all the time go ON AND ON AND ON about his AMAZING DVD Collection. Holy shit, check it out! You can't STOP watching this guy. He like puts you in this amazing bad movie trance and you just keep watching.

I'm keeping my eye on this guy now. THIS GUY is what will make this movie watchable. I really hope he busts out into a 20 minute monologue about movies. That'd be the fucking SHIT. Or maybe they'll do that in the end credits. Anyway, if you check out that IMDb page you will see that he has a TON of projects in the works. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Wow that's awesome. Mr. Gable needs to get on YouTube man. That's how you take over the world, YouTube.

Back to The Lashman. Looks awesome, trailer leaves little to be desired but I can almost bet that they're leaving A LOT out. It just looks like one of those things where they just don't want to give too much away. I hate when the only good things in a movie are in the trailer. Besides...those chicks are pretty hot.


  1. I'm so used to the quite literal bad movie titles around here (i.e. Panman) that when I saw The Lashman I was expecting to see people getting lashed to death. Make with the lashing, man! No, but seriously, a movie with hot chicks and lots of blood can't suck.

    Also, you're right about Shawn Phillips. He's just sitting there on his comfy couch in what looks like a cozy, little, perfect-for-watching-movies, basement enthusiastically going on and on about his favorite movies. You almost feel like you're sitting across from him in a La-Z-Boy recliner, munchin' on some popcorn and downin' a Coke. What a warm fuzzy.