Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday! Get your bets in for the Royale!

Remember to head over to the contest page and bet on who you think will win the Royale.


I wish I could've posted something more awesome today but you was St. Patties day yesterday. I am nursing a rum/mariokart hangover. It was pretty brutal let me tell you. BOTH of them kicked my ass. Lots of swearing transpired.

Remember to check back tomorrow morning for the Bad Movie Battle Royale DRAFT. I'll be hand picking the contestants out of a bucket to see where they will be placed on the brackets. And then monday the royale begins.

I'd also like to wish everyone a Happy Friday and have a great Weekend! We'll see you here tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this clip from Deadly Prey, a movie I sincerely wish I get an opportunity to watch this weekend.


  1. I am nursing a rum/mariokart hangover

    DUDE! I'm surprised you're still alive! I have trouble with that game SOBER let alone ripped on rum. I remember years and years ago playing Castle Wolfenstein (in glorious 2.5D!), fighting off waves of nausea every time I'd turn a corner or turn to face an enemy that'd flanked me. Man, that flat spin was KILLER!

    Love the pie chart.

  2. Oh Castle Wolfenstein. One of my classmates somehow got that onto the school computers and we were all able to play it at school. That was awesome.