Monday, December 6, 2010

New Charles Band Interview! NEW TRANCERS IS COMING!!

Here is a brand new interview done with the guys at FearCast. It's almost embarrassing to watch if Charles Band wasn't actually there. Those guys are so nervous to talk to him, it's pretty hilarious. Maybe they should have written those que cards a little bigger. lol

And if it were me, I'd probably be worse.

So here's the interview in its entirety. The first six minutes there really isn't much, just reiterating how awesome Band and Full Moon are. Then around the 6:30 mark things get interesting. Charles Band reveals some of his plans for 2011. I don't know if he just decided...fuck it, I'm gonna tell these guys, or what...but here it all is:

-A new film starring an entire midget cast called "Unlucky Charms"
-NEW TRANCERS! TIM THOMERSON IS ON BOARD!! (Trancers 7: Deth in Shanghai)
-And there is a script written for a new Subspecies prequel. They just need money. (I'm hoping they can get Angus Scrimm to come back as Radu's father. THAT would be cool.)

Here's the rest of the interview. Enjoy!


  1. Band is so cool. You know what? The two guys interviewing him were so big and burly. They shoulda dressed those two up in gladiator costumes before doing the interview. Charles Band getting interviewed by a couple of big, burly, nervous gladiators. That's how awesome Band is, baby! HE MAKES FUCKING GLADIATORS NERVOUS!!

  2. Oh yeah, and I finally figured it out. Who Band reminds me of. It's almost like Joel Robinson and Miguel Ferrer had a kid. Am I right?

  3. hahahahahaha you're so right! Joel is awesome. hahahahahaha

    Gladiators. That's awesome.

  4. I just found out the first Trancers is on Watch Instantly. I need to get at that soon. I love that Tim Thomerson is on board for this newest sequel.

  5. Actually the first TWO Trancers movies are on Netflix Watch Instantly.
    You can get the first 5 on DVD at full moon It's a pretty cool loooking boxset.

    And if you go here:

    You can buy the first 3 for $10. Parts 4 & 5 you'd most likely have to get off ebay or through whenever they do their sales and split apart the boxsets.