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SHORT STORY: Zombie Santa Must Die! Part 6 & 7



Fay sprinted up the spiraling staircase that spun around the outer wall of the tower, anxiety and excitement coursing through her veins. At the top, there was a door, arched to the top with a wreath decorating its face. She reached for the knob, twisted, and slid the door open.
      The room inside was magnificent. It stretched out the entire length of the tower. One giant donut nestled atop a tower of legos. At first glance there was nothing whatsoever that occupied the space at the top of Santa’s tower. No furniture, no equipment, nothing.
      Fay felt dizzy and her body swayed backward, nearly tripping on the staircase and falling to her death.
      “Fay stop! Go back!” It was her brother Eddie’s voice she heard.
      The sound of his voice charged her, got her adrenaline pumping. She sprang back to life and entered the room. Across the floor was her brother, badly beaten, bloody, and tied to a support beam. Standing next to him was the dreaded Santa Claus.
      “Welcome Fay, I didn’t think you would make it,” Santa said with a smirk.
      “I’m tougher than I look,” she responded. She then pointed a finger at her brother, “I’ll be taking him now.”
      Santa took a step back, brought both hands up to his face as if to say, no don’t shoot. “Fine, take him. I won’t stop you.”
      Fay took three steps towards him and stopped. She tried to speak but foamy fluid began to seep its way through her throat and waterfall out of her mouth. It splattered to her chest like a gentle forest rain. Fay attempted another step but collapsed to the floor.
      Santa took a step forward, casting a curious eye at the fallen Fay.
      She began to moan, not a sickly moan or even a painful moan, but a hungry moan. She lifted herself from the floor and stood to her feet.
      When her eyes opened, the humanity that had once lived there had been erased, what was left was a deep dark void, straight down into her soul. This thing that stood before Santa and Eddie was but a representation of Fay, a picture image, but it was no longer Fay. It was a monster. A zombie.
      “What did you do to her?” Eddie demanded.
      “She’s one of us now. Once she’s finished with you, I will make her my queen. We will rule this planet as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. FOREVER!”
      “You’re insane.”
      “No, I’m in love.”
      Fay staggered towards them, closing the gap between her and her destiny.
      “Fay please,” Eddie pleaded, “you can fight this, I know you can. You just have to believe in it.”
      “It’s no use boy, she’s converted. The extra stimulation from running from Frosty and jogging up the stairs made the process accelerate far quicker than normal. It’s too late.”
      Fay marched forward, never taking her deep ravenous gaze off Eddie. “Please Fay, fight. Fight dammit FIGHT!”
      It was as if she couldn’t hear him. Her tongue flopped from her mouth and lapped wildly against her chin.
      “Fay, remember when we were kids,” Eddie said as she closed the gap now to a mere twenty feet, “and every Christmas we would get up at the same time,” eighteen feet, “and get downstairs before mom and dad had a chance to wake up?” Fifteen feet.
      Santa cocked an eyebrow, “What are you doing boy?”
      Eddie ignored him, “Remember how mad they always got that we had half our presents opened before they even got downstairs,” she was ten feet away now, “but we would never open up the presents from Santa Claus. Oh no those were special presents, only for the family.” Eight feet. “Back then we believed in Santa Claus, we believed in what he was and what he stood for,” five feet, “Giving, Thankfulness, Hope, Charity, and most importantly Family.” Three feet. Eddie could smell the stench of her breathe now. She was opening her mouth, any moment now she would force her jaw onto her brother and consume his flesh.
      “But you lost something Fay. Something important.”
      She was one foot away. Her hands grasped Eddie’s shoulders. In mere seconds, his life expectancy would be drastically shortened.
      “Please Fay, fight this won’t you. Fay? Please won’t you, just have a little Faith?”
      That word rocked her. Faith. Her mouthed closed and her hands dropped. She looked up at her older brother, a look of concern and caring on her face. She was fighting it!
      “That’s it Fay! Fight!”
      “No! This isn’t possible!” Santa stepped in front of Eddie, getting face to face with the zombie Fay.
      Zombie Fay looked at Santa, then at Eddie. She moved her mouth and tried to speak, her words coming out a gargled mess. She tried again, this time with more clarity.
      “Yes Fay, you are my zombie. I created you,” Santa said.
      “Yes Fay, I am Santa Claus, and soon you will be my zombie wife. Now and for eternity,” Santa moved aside and pointed at Eddie, “but first you must finish HIM!”
      “What?” Santa’s expression fell flat.
      Fay lunged at the unexpecting Santa. Her polished fingernails penetrated his eye sockets, she twisted and pulled at the eyeballs, plucking them from his skull. She devoured them. Santa fumbled backwards, shock, surprise, horror, terror, confusion, disappointment, anger, violence, disgust, and distress on his face.
      This did not stop Fay. She attacked again, this time slashing her fingernails across Santa’s face. Razor thin lines appeared at the top, bottom, and sides of it. Fay took a firm grip of his rosy cheeks and pulled at the skin, ripping Santa’s face from his skull. Santa screamed, every muscle in his face moving with perfect clarity.
      Perhaps she had pity on him or tired of his screams but next she rocketed her fist into his chest. She took a moment to search around and found what she was looking for, his heart. She took it from his chest cavity.
      She looked at the still beating heart a moment, wide eyed wonder deep within her black eyes.
      “No Fay don’t, you’ll ruin everything I’ve worked for. My legacy, my future, is over if you-”
      Fay did not listen, she devoured the heart, each bite releasing the evil within her. Magic still existed in Santa’s heart. It always had and always would. Each bite of the mystical heart released the demons from inside her.
      Fay’s eyes faded and color filled them again. She took another bite. The darkness of her skin lightened, turning it a joyous pink again.
      Santa’s screamed and shouted, “You have no idea what you have done! You can’t stop Santa Claus! I’ll be back next year!”
      Fay put the last remnants of Santa’s existence in her mouth and a cold silence washed over the room. She looked over to Eddie. He saw in her those familiar blue eyes. She ran to him and hugged him, kissed him on the cheek.
      “It’s over,” she said to him. “It’s all over, I can feel it.”
      She untied him from the post and they looked down at the violent remains of a once iconic man.
      Zombie Santa was dead.


Fay and Eddie embraced each other in their loving arms. “I’m so glad I didn’t eat you,” said Fay.
      “Believe me Fay, I’m glad too.”
      “Don’t call me Fay anymore,” she said to him, “call me Faith.”
      “You got it...Faith.”

While they had been doing battle with the malevolent Santa Claus, they failed to notice the finer details of the room at the top of Santa’s tower. All around the circular perimeter, steel roll up doors, five feet across and eight feet high, surrounded the room. There were nearly a hundred of them. And now, at this moment, they all opened.
      Eddie and Faith released each other.
      A mysterious fog flowed into the room. Within the doors, thousands of eyes, bright red eyes, flicked open, extending their gaze at Eddie and Faith.
      “I think it’s time to go,” Faith said.
      “I don’t think so,” said a strange voice from behind them. Eddie and Faith turned and standing no more than three feet in front of them was a large bulky man, normal height, with a long flowing beard.  The most defining characteristic of the stranger was his eyes, his horrible crimson eyes.
      “Who are you?”
      From all around the room, the zombies entered. They lurched over one another, tripped and stampeded over each other, but none of them had ill feelings for the next because they all had one thing on their minds...devouring Faith and Eddie.
      “My name is Chris Kringle and you’ve just killed my brother.”

Not much different from a tree falling in the woods, their screams echoed for miles but nobody heard them.

Author's Notes:

So this is me trying to end a story. lol. I had just finished reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower as I finished writing this story so that's really the whole reason for the tower. I wasn't very satisfied with the ending to that story so I guess I was kinda trying to make up for it with a twisted ending of my own with this story. It's kinda dumb but if you've read TDT then you know what I mean.

I was trying to put in as much emotion as I could between the Zombie Fay and her brother. It might come off too strong...I'm not entirely sure. But yeah...I was working that Fay/Faith angle kinda hard.

And the final joyous little twist. I liked it. I was trying to drop hints everywhere but its kind of hard to spot without really paying attention. Like at the beginning...Chris Kringles' eyes glow red while Santa's are black. So the whole time its not Santa that was at the beginning. And of course...I'm a sucker for a sequel so I just had to end it so I have something to start from NEXT year!

Overall...there should be a lot more to this story but I'm satisfied with what it is. This story is a massive turning point for me in terms of writing and style. Things flowed out of me more, there wasn't a master plan while I was writing this. Words seemed to come together easier for me. And to date this is the longest story in my arsenal. That was a major achievement for me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a very scary bad movie Christmas!

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  1. I liked Fay fighting and pulling it together with the whole, "Zombie... Santa?... Must... DIE!" Also, the emotion between Eddie and Fay was good. You needed something over the top to bring her to her senses and give her the capability of fighting off the zombification. Sorta like in Evil Dead 2 when Ash is given the strength to fight it off from the rush of emotion at the sight of his girlfriend's necklace.