Friday, December 10, 2010

Mr. Gable's Christmas List

Well it's that time of year. Again. Christmas is just around the corner and I've completely forgotten about it. Time to hop to it and figure out just what in the hell I want for Christmas. And of course, none of it is any good. That's the way we like it around here.


Anything described as Re-Animator with prostitutes HAS to be in my collection.

This is just a "blind buy" for me. I love the cast, I love the premise. I just want it.

Roddy Piper as the last man capable of boning chicks. YES! And there's Mutant Ninja FROGS!

A childhood favorite. I've been trying to find a copy of this for a lifetime. DVD copies top $100.

My friends introduced me to this a few months ago. An instant classic, MUST OWN!

The greatest damn zombie movie ever made. Tom Atkins baby! And it has one of the greatest taglines of all time. It's a real shame I don't own this movie yet, but hopefully this Christmas...that will change.

I love Christmas.


  1. I love how they kept repeating HELL COMES TO FROG TOWN! And I may have to check out I Sell The Dead. You're right, the cast and premise make it a must see!

  2. hell comes to frogtown is such a crazy frog ass movie... grate list.