Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zomblies: A trailer you need to see. Right. Fucking. Now.

I'm not gonna dick around here, watch this trailer. Prepare to shit your pants with joy.

HOLY SHIT! YES! This is gonna be awesome! I love the internet, I stumbled across this thing when I was searching for more information on Krackoon! +5 awesome for the internet.

I'll be honest here, what you just saw there is 95% of the information that I know about this movie. Seriously, the website has no information...the production company website has no information...IMDb isn't saying shit about anything. All IMDb has is the synopsis:
When a private militia's rookie zombie hunters send out a distress call, it's up to the Rangers to cross The Wall and bring them back as well as uncover the truth about a terrifying new breed of zombie. breed of zombie. I like that. The trailer did hint at that a little bit. This movie could be very awesome. Very fucking awesome. At the very least better than Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Now the most interesting information I gathered actually came from the YouTube page for that trailer you see above here.
This is the Official Trailer for 'ZOMBLIES' - a 'balls-to-the-wall' zombie action movie set in the heart of the South West of England. The production that spanned two years and involved over two hundred local volunteers was headed by South Devon based filmmakers Realm Pictures.
Wow. This movie has just won ALL of my respect for zombie horror movies. So it would appear that this thing was put together by "volunteers" and that trailer we all just saw was THAT fucking awesome? I'm hooked. I've seen movies with REAL budgets look like complete ass compared to this. And the fact of volunteers helps clear my head about the timeline progression of this film...the website says there was a premiere last I guess with volunteers it takes awhile to get it on DVD...or to find someone to distribute it. Or something, I don't know anything about that angle of filmmaking. But regardless, I'm going to be watching out for this. I want to see it.


  1. When they were introducing all the characters it reminded me of the beginning of The Stink of Flesh when they introduced Matool with his hammer and nails method of dispatching zombies.

    Btw, TSoF is a must-see for you if you haven't already.

  2. Thank you for the tip, I've never heard of it. I'll go put it in the ole netflix queue.

  3. it looks like a great romp and zombies...