Friday, October 22, 2010

SyFy Weekend Schedule: 31 Days of Halloween continues...

Well I fucked up bad this week, I forgot to post the ENTIRE WEEK of shitty movies. Oh well, I'm sure there wasn't anything good. Or there was lots of good things and nobody watched it because I didn't post the schedule. I'm certain SyFy gets no viewers if I don't post their schedules right? RIGHT?

Oh well, here's the weekend. Looks alright. I'd spend it outside instead since there's lots of repeats. If your in my neck of the woods, the snow will be flying soon and you might as well enjoy the outdoors while you can!

All times EST.

Saturday 10/23

9-10:30am: Lockjaw: Rise of the Kuler Serpent (With commercials this is only 90 minutes...and it stars DMX. WOW)
10:30-12:30pm: Open Graves (Eliza Dushku anyone?)
12:30-2:30pm: Joyride 2: Dead Ahead (Still want to see this)
2:30-4:30pm: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (with all the great parts probably cut out)
4:30-6:30pm: Saw 2 (uh, oh...Saw marathon.)
6:30-9pm: Saw 3 (Shit, another one!)
9-11pm: Saw 4 (Will it ever END?)
11-1am: Kill Theory (oh thank god, Kill Theory saves the day)
1-3am: Autopsy (I've heard good things)
3-5am: Slaughter (If there isn't a Sargeant in front of the name I don't want to see it)

Sunday 10/24

9-11am: Boogeyman (didn't like it)
11-1pm: Boogeyman 2 (I've heard this one is better)
1-3pm: The Midnight Meat Train (AWESOME)
3-5pm: Timber Falls (looks good)
5-7pm: The Grudge 3 (part 3's are usually good right?)
7-9pm: Identity (Good flick if you haven't had it spoiled for you yet)
9-11pm: The Reaping (With Hilary Swank and that little girl from Race to Witch Mountain)
11-1am: The Rapture (David Duchovny is...The Rapture)
1-3am: Dread (I've heard good things)
3-5am: Bram Stoker's: Way of the Vampire (1.7 on IMDb is a good thing!)

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