Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween cancelled.

I'm sorry everyone, the super huge amazing crazy awesome fucking bat shit insane Halloween Horrorthon is cancelled. Forces beyond my control have set out to ruin my Halloween.

On Friday, my car blew a brake line...while I was driving. Fortunately my driving skills saved the day but now I am left with a massive problem in my life. No car. But Luck...if you want to call it on my side and my father in law is willing to help me out and help me fix it. (Because I'm a ridiculously large car newb) It doesn't sound like anything super expensive but I'm certain it's time consuming...and it has to happen tomorrow. of Friday...I am his bitch. Whenever he wants to do it...that's when its going to happen. There's nothing wrong with that, and I'm fine with it because I'll be saving hundreds of dollars...but it just HAS to happen at the WORST time.

My Holiday, My Tradition is ruined. Fuck. Sorry everyone, it's possible that I'll get to watch some movies tomorrow but it will not be the same.

I need time for THREE MOVIES, one's that I've NEVER SEEN, and it needs to happen on HALLOWEEN. Will it happen...that's the mystery. Stay'll be an interesting day.


  1. Glad you were able to avoid vehicular death. Man... the brake line while driving, that's epic.

    This Halloween is turning out to be less than optimal for me too. I just had to work Saturday. Bleah.

    Anyway, I hope you can get the minimum movies you need to technically continue your yearly tradition. Perhaps you can throw in a fast forward emergency clause into your horrorthon rules. Don't forget what a wise man once said, "Win if you can, lose if you must but ALWAYS cheat!"

  2. I got the brakes fixed, and it was only $20 so that's pretty awesome. So on one hand it was pretty worth it, on the other I had to break from tradition. Oh well.

    I did however sit down to watch "The Burrowers". It was pretty cool, kinda slow. It was something at least.

    And if you want to get sneaky...after watching THIS VIDEO...I did TECHNICALLY watch 100 movies.

  3. Considering you only needed three movies to keep the tradition alive and actually had time to watch one, I'd say (including the 100 spoilers) that's really more of a bending of tradition than an actual break.

  4. Oh, how I have been there with having to do the responsible thing instead of the thing that I WANT to be doing. All my life I thought when I got older, being an adult would be easier, but I just turned 39 and... no, being an adult doesn't get easier. You're handling this with aplomb. I am impressed.

  5. Vincent - You got a point...Every year I do tend to "bend" the rules a little bit lol. What're you gonna do? But my friends were really pumped to sit down and watch all those movies so they're up for sitting down and watching them all in the near future. Just gotta plan a time to do it now...Horrorthon isn't entirely dead yet...just postponed.

    Stacia - Thank you. I've gotten used to life throwin my curve balls so I do my best to roll with it. But man, it just had to happen THIS Weekend. Oh well. What can you do?

    Watch bad movies and blog about them. That's what I'm gonna do! How dare I try to watch good movies!