Friday, October 8, 2010

SyFy's Weekend Schedule 10/9 & 10/10: The 31 Days of Halloween continues...

The weekend is almost here and along with it comes another LONG weekend of shitty movies at your local SyFy Channel. But I really shouldn't say that, I kind of like this weekend. Could be worth your time.

All times are EST.

Saturday, 10/9

9-11am: Skeleton Man (Casper Van Dien....that's all I'm gonna say)
11-1pm: The Descent (Excellent movie)
1-3pm: Never Cry Werewolf (Kevin Sorbo bitches...get moist)
3-5pm: War Wolves (Tim Thomerson bitches...get moist)
5-7pm: Thor: Hammer of the Gods (moist break)
7-9pm: Lake Placid 3 (Michael Ironside bitches...get moist)
9-11pm: Monsterwolf (Must be new, I got nothing on this but I'm sure it's amazingly horrible)
11-1am: Monster Ark (hahaha Renee O'Connor, Xena's sidekick, stars in this. I need to see it)
1-3am: Monsterwolf ('s ok NOT to show the same movie twice in one day. I give you permission)
3-5am: Rock Monster (meh.)

Sunday, 10/10

10:30-12:30pm: Dead Like Me (this is based off the show isn't it?)
12:30-2:30pm: The Skeleton Key (I remember it looked good)
2:30-4:30pm: Beneath Still Waters (Brian Yuzna movie!)
4:30-6:30pm: 100 Feet (Famke Janssen, a cool plot, I want to see it)
6:30-9pm: Silent Hill (Always wanted to see just haven't yet, heard good things)
9-11:30pm: Cold Creek Manor (eh, I watched some of this. It was ok)
11:30-1:30am: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 ( Haven't seen)
1:30-3:30am: The Dunwich Horror
3:30-5:30am: Beowulf (The 1999 futuristic version starring CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT!!!)

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