Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attack of the Killer Turds! The ultimate shitty movie.

Just when you think they've done it all...along comes this. Attack of the Killer Turds! This film is currently in post production and should be available for sale very soon. From the official website:

Attack of the Killer Turds is a short film that is aimed at remembering the cheesy 80’s movies that some of us loved. It is full of childish toilet humor and silly fx.

Sure, a quick stop at the local fast food restaurant may seem harmless enough, but a mysterious contamination of the burger meat makes digesting that meaty goodness into a messy nightmare!
Sounds like just a short movie, I'd guess 45 minutes. But I'm ok with that, I highly doubt anyone could sit through 90 minutes of this shit! (hahaha) Whoever thought up this crap (zing!) is a real shithead (bam!). I think when this comes out, I'll be getting really shitfaced (ha!) and eat some Hershey's chocolate. (ok that one sucked). Poop.

HEY! This won't be all bad.

All joking aside, it actually looks pretty good. Check out the trailer below. It looks like a lot of fun and ridiculousness. I don't know how much they'll be selling it for and I doubt I would pay much for it but I would really love to watch it. I like what they're aiming for and I think they can accomplish their goal...their goal of making the greatest shitty movie ever!

Check out the Attack of the Killer Turds website for more pictures and behind the scenes footage!

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