Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Killjoy 3 Trailer is here!! (Get excited, seriously)

Oh shit! Get ready cuz there's more Killjoy coming down the pike!

You don't know what Killjoy is? Well neither do I really. I know the first two were done in that period of early/mid 2000's Full Moon Features. Full Moon was awesome in the 90's...back when they had Paramount throwing money at them. But then they lost them and things went downhill. But just in the last couple of years they've really started kicking ass again. It's has nothing to do with money or anything but the fact that Charles Band has his hands deep into his own company again has really put a lot of life into the films they're putting out.

So what have we gotten with the new Full Moon? A new Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, Demonic Toys 2, Evil Bong 2: King Bong, the upcoming Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Clever, and now Killjoy 3. I know those are all sequels but you gotta start somewhere. I'm hoping for a new crazy series to start up.

Ok, I'm done rambling about Full Moon now. I love them and I think you should too. They're full on independent and their films are absolutely insane. To justify that claim, I present to you the Killjoy 3 trailer...

This looks really cool. I fucking love that opening line from Killjoy, "Your ass is mine!" God damn it that's awesome.

I love the story, the ridiculous set up, and the insanity that ensues. I can't wait to see this. Charles Band posted on his facebook that this will be available everywhere December 14th but a Killjoy Box Set will be available for purchase this Halloween. (of which I can assume won't ship until Christmas) And on that subject...every holiday Full Moon Direct has a huge sale on their inventory, definitely worth checking out.


  1. Now I want to see parts 1 and 2. This movie series seems best enjoyed while drunk out of your mind. Heh, maybe that's just the sangria talking.

  2. I'd have to agree. I've heard terrible things about the first two so I've never had any intentions of watching them. But this trailer changes everything.

    And along with all of Full Moon's movies...they're all enjoyable while wasted.