Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gable Collection: Newest Additions 9/22/10

Welcome to another thrilling installment of The Gable Collection. Here I just display some recently purchased pieces of crap for all to see! I mostly buy them blindly and I take a huge risk to my sanity in even attempting watching them. But I do it for you internet, it's all for you.

I'll be keeping this short this week, I'm fucking busy trying to catch up on writing, working on the house, AND getting ready for Gablefest (true story) that I won't be able to make this week as amazing as the last 2. So that being said...

I'll be honest, I bought this only because I'm trying to collect all of them. I have no fucking clue what to expect. I've only seen the first two (and own them...along with 3 & 4 and now 1992) and I thought they were pretty good. After that I've just kind of kept my eye out for the others as I travel the second hand stores.

I looked this up on IMDb and people seem to like this installment. It seems interesting enough, the cover is pretty sweet, and it was done by the director of Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 so I'm sold. I thought Hellraiser 2 was an excellent sequel. Hopefully he can do the same with this one.

I won't get around to watching this for while, I still need to find Curse (which I've heard is just dreadful), Dollhouse, and A New Generation. Once I find those then you can bet your ass I'll be doing an Amityville week. And it will be spectacularly bad. I can't fucking wait.

What could possibly have attracted me to Rottweiler? Could it be dogs? No. Could it have been Robots? No. Could it have by Robot Dogs. Hell Yes! Also this is directed by Brian Yuzna. I wouldn't say that I'm a big fan of Yuzna but I enjoy most of his work. He loves gore and craziness...and so do I.

I couldn't pass up on this film. After reading some internet reviews I'm kind of pissed that I own it now because everyone says its horrible but I'll still hold out a little hope that there's some kind of cinematic redemption held within these 90 minutes. There has to be. Even the worst of films have at least SOMETHING that is worth noting.

Eh, the cover looks kinda cool. That's something isn't it? ISN'T IT!?

Oh my God, that's my first time watching the trailer. *facepalm* Already there's several scene's that make absolutely no sense to me. Like how the hell does a CYBERDOG have trouble breaking through a door? It would appear to be impervious to FIRE but shitty panelling doors he has trouble with.

Must be used to doggy doors or something. I'm still gonna watch it though...probably wasted.

And now I present to you my first BOOK entry into my newest additions of The Gable Collection. I don't "technically" own the book just yet...partly because it isn't printed yet. But what I do have is a screener copy. Holy fucking shit right! ME! Somebody sent me a screener copy for review. That's awesome.

I've been following this project somewhere in the middle of its submission phase. Lyle Perez-Tinics, the guy that put this whole thing together, asked a bunch of people to write some short stories including Zombies and Christmas. And what he got was a SHITLOAD of short stories, poems, carols, and comics. And should see the clipart. It's quite amazing.

The greatest thing about this book is that its all for charity. Proceeds from this baby will go to help kids get presents for Christmas. Proving yet again that horror fans are the best fans.

So it goes without saying that I am in the middle of reading this thing and I am truly impressed. It's fantastic. Keep it here for a review in the near future.

Go to Undead in the Head for more information. This is the anthologist's book review website. You can also search The Undead That Saved Christmas on facebook. That's probably a better choice...he updates constantly so you can be assured to get your copy fresh off the presses.

God dammit this thing is fucking awesome.

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