Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giant alligators are about to get Ironsided in Lake Placid 3

Good GOD look at that tagline. "Don't Forget You're Lunch!" This!! The cover art looks like a scene out of Shark Attack 3. That lady is just kind of "disappearing" into that alligator's mouth. I LOVE IT! Much improved from that horrible Lake Placid 2 cover.

That's right, there's a Lake Placid 3 coming. Does anyone remember Lake Plaid 2? No one? That's no surprise. Unless you're a SyFy channel junkie I doubt you caught it anywhere. If you saw the cover art to LP2 then you'd know you were in for a shit storm. It seriously looked like it was made in MS Paint. LP2, have you never heard of Lunapic? Get with the times.

But I have higher hopes for Lake Placid 3. The cover art is a little better, just a little. The trailer (you can see below) still has the shitty CGI alligators but who knows, we could be in for some surprises. But the CAST, that's what I'm all about. The lead from guy from SyFy's Eureka is in it, Colin Ferguson, the gal from Hard Target, TV's shitty attempt at Witchblade, and the more recent Kick-Ass, Yancy Butler (she was like the Amy Whinehouse of the 90's), but the man I'm most excited to see (and whom I'm sure will only survive 8 minutes) is Michael Ironside. Star of Scanners, Total Recall, and Extreme Prejudice. (click that link, you won't regret it)

This is Michael Ironside...waiting for ice cream.

Michael Ironside is one of those actors that pops up in EVERYTHING but not enough people appreciate him. His growly voice resonates deep into our souls with every appearance. He knows what he wants and he fucking TAKES IT. He is Michael Ironside. And these fucking alligators in Lake Placid 3 are about to get Ironsided.

(Thanks to my friend J-man for coining the term, "Ironsided". I can't possibly use it enough)

And now enjoy the Ironsiding in the official Lake Placid 3 trailer complete with FULL FRONTAL NUDITY!!

Lake Placid 3 - Unrated Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Wait a minute, did they fucking kill Ironside IN THE TRAILER!? This can't be happening. Why would anyone watch this or even show some interest when the MAIN DRAW is dead. I bet he actually survives and this is how the movie ends.

A man can dream can't he?

Check out Dread Central for the unimportant synopsis and press release of this soon to be classic bad movie.

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