Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Help Fund the Zombie Movie SEVERED!

I am a huge supporter of independent...everything. Independence is where originality, creativity, and most importantly...HEART live. It's these forms of media that people really give it their all and do the best they can to make something amazing and wonderful.

Now there's a project underway that needs our help. SEVERED! They want to make this movie but they just don't have the money. So they're rallying the troops and hoping to pledge $8000.00 to get this thing made. It's not a lot of money and if we all just put in a few dollars it wouldn't take too many to reach that goal. It's a zombie movie made by zombie fans what more could we ask for?

Oh I know...your name in the fucking credits. Pledge enough and you'll get your name in the credits, get a copy of the DVD, and a free tshirt. That's fucking awesome.  Here's the synopsis....
Severed is the story of Markus Pendleton, a soldier struggling to cope with the loss of his family and one of the last surviving members of the human race. Several years have passed since zombies overran the planet. Now, small pockets of humanity fight to stay alive in barricaded camps or farms.

Pendleton’s wife and daughters disappeared a year ago during a zombie attack. While most people believe they are dead or worse, Pendleton holds on to the hope that they are still alive. It is this hope that keeps him going every day.

And hope might be on the horizon for humanity as well. Scientists among the farms have developed infection-resistant fetuses, bioengineered human beings that are not susceptible to zombie bites or fluids. Over thirty-thousand fetuses reside in hidden vaults underneath the farms. These three farms have become the three most important locations on the planet.

When a massive zombie horde is spotted heading towards their farm, Pendleton and a small group of soldiers are dispatched to guard an entry-point in a remote section of the exterior wall. Reinforcements are on the way from Command, but it will take several days for them to arrive. Pendleton and his comrades must guard the gate at all costs.

A freak accident after the group’s arrival at the gate leaves Pendleton cut off from the farm and guarding a massive hole in the wall…alone. With the zombie horde bearing down on him, Pendleton must fight off sleep-deprivation, starvation, and even his own mind in order to keep the zombies from reaching the farm. But when Pendleton realizes his wife and daughters might be somewhere in the horde, he must confront a horrifying reality in order to save the human race…
It's got a lot of drive doesn't it? Check out Hayes Hudson's House of Horror for all the details on this project.  Check out Shattered Mind Studios for more information on the studio. Go to the film's KICKSTARTER page to donate. Let's do this thing.

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