Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Gable Collection: Newest Additions 9/15/10

Welcome again to another round of new movies I’ve added to my collection. I spend many hours browsing through pawn shops, second hand stores, and garage sales looking for long forgotten pieces of crap I can give a good home. I almost always buy a movie blindly, basing my purchase on my knowledge of actors, movie companies, or by just how cool the cover art looks or how horrible the synopsis sounds. And without further delay, the Mr. Gable Collection presents…

OH FUCK YES. There isn’t anything about Maniac Cop that isn’t amazing. As a friend of mine likes to put it…Tom “Freakin” Atkins. That man is a god amongst men. Night of the Creeps, Halloween 3, The Fog. I love him and I can only assume he loves me. AND if that isn’t enough there are TWO chins in this movie. Bruce Campbell (if you don’t know who that is I never want to talk to you. Please see The Evil Dead and then you can rejoin my blog) AND Robert Z’Dar. I don’t blame you if you don’t know who Robert is. He mostly had a lot of supporting and background roles but once you see him you’ll never be able to forget him. You see Robert has this deformity that makes his head look like a giant scoop of ice cream. His chin is fucking HUGE! Amazingly huge. I think they should have just forgone the Maniac Cop and had a chin duel. That would have been epic.

This what the first draft for the Clash of the Titans remake looked like.

But the reason I purchased this DVD was simply to upgrade my VHS. Not that I hate my VHS, I love my VHS. But when you can get the DVD for the price that I got it for, I couldn’t resist. And besides…perhaps my old VHS will end up in a contest here at Mr.GR, wouldn’t that be just shitty! Cuz that’s how things are done here.

Man that looks terrible doesn’t it? I honestly have no idea what to expect out of this. There was one lonely night a couple weeks ago where I was browsing around for movies. And I had just reconnected with Watchers 3, which is a really bad Predator rip off. So I searched the internet for other Predator rip offs. That search led me to Robowar (of which I did a review) and Interceptor Force. Even IMDb labels it as Predator 3: Interceptors. I’m kind of pumped to watch it…mainly because of Ernie Hudson (you know…the ghostbuster…the black ghostbuster…OH you know what I’m talking about now) and Brad Dourif. Or as you may know him as…that creepy dude from Critters 4, I mean Alien: Resurrection, I mean Progeny, I mean the voice of Chucky. Ah, that’s better. At least we don’t have to see his face in Child’s Play.

I want to have your children.

I really don’t mean that, Brad Dourif is amazing. I buy LOTS of movies just because his name is on the cover. (see Death Machine). But anyway…back to Interceptor Force. The story pretty much copies that of Predator and the alien looks like it has the ability to turn itself partially invisible so it looks to be a pretty awesome Predator rip off. I’ll be watching it soon, keep your eyes peeled.

I could only find the German trailer for this movie. So...umm...enjoy...I guess.

There’s so much win in this movie I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know if YOU would call it win but for me…oh god….seriously I’m fucking salivating. I think I may have to make love to this DVD. Just a moment, I’m pretty quick.

Back. This movie stars two of the greatest horror badasses ever to exist. Jeffrey Combs. GOD IF FUCKING LOVE YOU JEFFR- sorry. sorry. caaalllmmming…. Jeffrey Combs is Herbert West: The Re-Animator. That movie (and its sequels, for what they are) is in my top movies of all time. I can’t get enough Re-Animator and I can’t get enough Combs. I am also a Star Trek nut and that guy just appears randomly EVERYWHERE. He’s awesome…and a very good actor. Seriously, watch his movies, they’re really good. I suggest The Frighteners, Fortress, and obviously Re-Animator.

Only good things can come from this.

And...Andrew Divoff. You may know him as that foreign dude with the eye patch on Lost. But I know him as…the Wishmaster. A dude so evil that evil is pissing its pants. He basically plays the same kind of role in this movie as in Wishmaster…just without all the cool make up. This movie is also directed by Brian Yuzna. I think in my honest Gablepinion that Yuzna is a love him or hate him kind of a guy. At least his movies are. I personally really like him. He puts on a decent show and likes to put in lots of gore. I like that. And he was also a part of making the Re-Animator trilogy a reality. And for that I will forever be in his debt.

Oh, I was so wet for the cast I forgot to mention the movie. It’s mostly about satan and his Wolverine rip off minion. There’s a love story and Jeffrey Combs. That’s really about it. But I’m ok with that. I watched this movie a number of years ago and remember loving it so I’ve bought the DVD now and hope that my memory hasn’t deceived me yet again. It happens sometimes. I blame Port Royal Rum. That shit will kill your brain. But it’s all I can afford so I will have to make due.


  1. The part of Maniac Cop that always sticks in my head is the flashback, slo-mo, shower scene in prison. A beefy, wet, naked, pissed-off, Z'Dar breaking heads, screaming and finally getting stabbed all in one convenient, satisfying scene. Horror gold.

  2. are amazing. I love Maniac Cop.

  3. Faust is actually based on the awesome comic series by the same name created by incredible artist Tim Vigil, which was super frickin' gorecore with X-rated sex and the whole 9. Highly recommended.

  4. That's awesome Morbid. I ran across that while looking up more about the movie on the internet but I didn't look into the comic book series at all. From what I've read it doesn't sound like the movie is very true to its source material. But that's not surprising considering it was done by Brian Yuzna (see The Guyver). X Rated comics are awesome.