Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppet Monster Massacre. F*ck yes.

There's 2 things this world needs more of. Puppets and Horror. Enter: The Puppet Monster Massacre. Check out the trailer below. It looks like the Muppets...with blood.

Oh shit! Was that Nazi puppets I just saw!? This movie is going to be awesome! Evil Nazi puppet scientists murdering innocent people in a castle. I love it. Charles Band, eat your heart out. Here's the synopsis...

"A group of teens are challenged to spend a night in the Wagner mansion on the edge of town. Little do they know the owner (Dr. Wolfgang Wagner) has concocted a monstrosity in the basement and plans to make the hapless teens the creature's first big meal."

Oh shit! Teenagers!? Yes! This keeps getting fucking better! So...from what we've seen, it's safe to say that this movie will be following your classic 80's slasher type formula...and adding in monsters. If this movie doesn't have some kind of a puppet sex scene I'm going to be massively disappointed. There had better be some puppet titties too. Big ole humps of socks floppin around. That'd be amazing.

I think this movie has the potential to be just outlandishly amazing. I hesitate so say that this might be along the lines of Team America of the horror genre but that's kind of what it is. Not as dumbed down of course. They actually look like they're gonna try to make a decent movie out of this while not taking itself too seriously.

Check out the official website for the first five minutes of the movie and for more information on the cast and crew. There isn't much there right now but I'll be watching it closely, I'll be sure to let you all know when to expect to see it in theatres...err catch it on DVD.

Later everyone, have a great Monday.


  1. Heh. The concept seems cool but I'm getting the vibe from this that they're spending too much money on it. If they're not careful this might turn into a big pile of over-produced, over-worked crap.

    I know that sounds negative but I gotta go with my gut on this one.

  2. I kinda felt that way too at first. I still haven't seen enough of it to really make a call on it yet so I'm holding out hope. I'm a pretty hopeful person so we'll see what really happens.