Friday, September 10, 2010

Celebrating 100 posts. Gablestyle.

At this rate I'll be to 100 million this side of 3 months.

So I made it to 100 blog posts. And I technically cheated with 70 of them. (those 70 being old reviews from another website) But as a friend of mine always says, "Win if you can, Lose if you must, but ALWAYS CHEAT!" So here I am and here I've made a small milestone and I will celebrate it. And you can rejoice with me!

For your viewing pleasure...the intro to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie:


  1. Congrats, dude. Even if you cheated. If you cheat and actually DO win you're not a cheater, you're savvy.

  2. Vincent, I cheated and did win. That's how I play the game. I only win, losing is not an option. Therefore I must be the savviest mother in this blog. hahaha j/k, thanks for the comment!