Monday, September 27, 2010

Strip Club Slasher premiere on 10/27!!

Strip Club Slasher. What is not to love there? Strip...good. Club...pretty good. Slasher...I'm there. I think it goes without saying that this movie will have lots of boobs and blood...and probably some bloody boobs.

I've been with this movie since its original concept. Strip Club Slasher is made by Not For The Squeamish Productions, an independent MN Horror company, and being a MN resident I've had my eye on them for some time. It's been a long time, probably over a year, since I've heard any news on this movie. But finally it looks like its completed and ready for a premiere!  I can't wait, the title should give you a pretty good idea of what this movie is about but if you need a synopsis, I'll give you one:

A seedy, small town strip joint takes a down and dirty donkey punch after one of the girls get's brutally murdered. Fearing that the killer may be targeting the local talent, the authorities shut the place down while they investigate the crime. Sad and scared, the other girls decide to spend the weekend together to reflect on the loss of their friend and to keep each other safe. Sex, drugs and rock and roll ensue before everything comes to a scream filled halt when a madman starts picking them off in a brutal display of blood drenched depravity!
So it looks like we'll get a little bit of strip club before we get any slashing. That's alright, I'm ok with some stripping and then some pillow fights in the woods. It's like its something they pulled from my dreams. My horrible twisted amazing dreams.

So where can you check it out? The Mounds Theatre in St. Paul, MN that's where. Here's the release on the Strip Club Slasher website.
Just in time for the 2010 Halloween season be sure to join the NFTS Productions gang for a double dose of Minnesota Horror featuring the long awaited "World Premiere" of STRIP CLUB SLASHER alongside our "Evil Dead meets Blair Witch" inspired feature OFF THE BEATEN PATH to finish off this one night of terror that just cannot be missed!!!

$8 at the door or $4 with a discount flyer

The Haunted & Historic
Mounds Theatre
St. Paul, MN 55106
No news on whether they plan to tour it around the country to just go to DVD from here. I'm doubtful of a tour so my guess is to keep it locked here for any news on the DVD release. Check out the Strip Club Slasher website for more information on the cast and crew, production stills, and other news about this fantastic movie. What could be better? Oh yeah, the trailer.

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