Friday, September 17, 2010

SyFy Saturday Schedule 9/17/10

Get your DVD-R's ready, this Saturday looks to be pretty awesome. They must've started reading my blog because they went from shit Saturdays to amazing Saturdays. Thank you SyFy. But anyway, it looks like this Saturday's theme is SEQUELS. Normally that's a bad thing...but they picked a few good ones and there's a few that I haven't seen so I'm kinda pumped to actually watch them. Now if I can find time...

All times are EST.

9-11am: Leprechaun 2 (Haven't actually seen it and I want to really bad. Now if I'm not horribly hungover)
11-1pm: Boogeyman 2 (I've heard great things about the sequels...the original kind of sucked.)
1-3pm: Lake Placid 2 (SyFy original...CGI Alligators...crappy acting. But it's a lot of bad movie goodness)
3-5pm: Joyride 2: Dead Ahead (Another that I haven't seen that I'd like to. It's probably terrible but that's ok)
5-7pm: Wrong Turn 2: Dead Ahead (This movie is pretty sweet but that's because it has a ton of gore. I'm sure they'll cut a lot of it out. But Henry Rollins is in it so it's kind of worth it)
7-9pm: Final Destination 2 (Not my favorite Destination but this movie does alright)
9-11pm: Vacancy 2: The First Cut (Another that I want to see. Thank you SyFy, now I don't have to waste my money)
11-1am: The Midnight Meat Train (So ends the sequels but holy shit this movie is awesome. Saw it in the dollar theatre on opening night. I've never looked back)
1-3am: Autopsy (This movie looks good...I THINK I've heard good things...might be worth it. If you're up late)
3-5am: Rest Stop (I've heard this movie is ok. It gives an effort but that's about it.)

There you go everybody! Time to get caught up on all the sequels to good movies that you really didn't want to waste your money on but secretly know you're dying to watch. Let's do it!


  1. If "Lake Placid 2" is anything like "Wyvern", I am there.

  2. Stacia, I believe it is. At least the effects are similar. Actually...if you liked Wyvern I suggest you watch the movie Hydra. It's kind of similar. A group of rich people are hunting a bunch of punks on an island but a 3 headed Hydra has other plans...