Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus Production Stills! (with Urkel and Robert Picardo!)

Still no official poster so this will have to do.

Eh, bad movie news is kinda slow this week so thought I'd post some production stills from the upcoming highly anticipated Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. (Anticipated in the circles that I run anyway)

This movie is for America.

Here is the Asylum's official News Release regarding MS vs CS.
Principal Photography on MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS has just wrapped and the first images from the film can be seen here.
The anxiously awaited sequel to MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS features Jaleel White (pictured) and Gary Stretch as a Navy scientist and a big game hunter who must set aside their differences to destroy the giant prehistoric creatures who are wreaking havoc on the Earth.
Robert Picardo and Asylum alum Sarah Lieving also star.
MEGA SHARK VS CROCOSAURUS will be released on December 21, 2010.
It’s our Christmas present to the world.
"Our Christmas present to the world." Wow Asylum. You really think a lot about yourselves don't you? I highly doubt there'll be lines of people outside Best Buy trampling each other to make sure they get their copy before Christmas.

Urkel, "What do you think Jeff Fahey?"
Jeff Fahey impersonator, "I think the Asylum are dicks sir."

But at least fortunately this WILL be out for Christmas in case anyone wants to actually buy it. And that only means I have to wait 3 more months before it graces Netflix instant watch. And then you'll be damned sure I'll be first in line for that travesty.

Quick! We have to save this parakeet from the Mega Shark. And some other giant creature. Maybe a Croctopus? A CyberYeti? I haven't actually read the script yet.

STOP! I am Robert Picardo. Star of Star Trek: Voyager and Stargate: Atlantis. I am here to bring order and redemption to this horrible movie. I'm probably only in this movie 5 minutes but that's long enough to get Mr. Gable to watch it. And the rest of America. Cuz I'm motherfucking Robert Picardo. The GREATEST BALD MAN IN EXISTENCE!!

You can check out The Asylum's official website for more production stills. They're more or less what I've already posted here. But there is more Urkel to be had.


  1. Picardo is definitely the greatest bald emergency medical hologram in existence but I would have to say that Patrick Stewart or Yul Brenner would be among the top two greatest bald men in existence.

  2. I really should have put a "besides myself" after that baldness statment.

    But I agree with Stewart. That man is awesome. I was thinking of doing a "Greatest Bald Guys in Horror" article.

  3. I am beyond stoked to check this out. Netflix says sometime in December. I can't wait.