Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Additions to the Mr. Gable Collection 9/7/10

NOTE: This is a repost. Somehow it got messed up last week and disappeared after it was posted. But its back now. If you've read it already look for new additions to my collection next week! For those who haven't...

The finest of the finest in the Mr. Gable Collection.

Damn you Half Price Books! Damn you and your damned clearance section. And damn your convenient locations! I can't drive anywhere without temptation staring me in the face. And I will always submit to you, my delectible dirty queen. How can anyone resist your $3.00 DVD's and $1.00 VHS's. Certainly not I!

I think this particular blog will turn into a weekly thing. I certainly can't go any longer than 7 days without dropping into Half Price Books, Pawn America, or any other place that sells DVDs for $3.00 or less. So I figured, hey, maybe the internet would be interested in the shit that I buy. Maybe even spark your interests a little and keep you informed on the latest (really fucking old), greatest (by greatest I mean shitty), god damn awesome (absolutely out in left field), movies that this world has to offer.

And I like to spread the nerdy around. So sit back and enjoy three new members of the Mr. Gable family...

Who could walk away from a cover like that? I was drooling over the title but then I saw the cover and oh my baby yeah! And to add to it even farther, I checked out the back and saw a chick that looked pretty similar to the cover and I was sold.

AND THEN...I saw that it was a movie made by New Concord. Which made such classics as Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans, Carnosaur 2 (which is pretty badass Aliens ripoff), and Invisible Mom 2 (starring Dee Wallace!). It's not that I hate New Concord, it's just that its hit or miss with them. BQ2020 has the potential, the women, and a hell of a cover art, but I'll have to wait until I see it to give it proper judgement. If anything, its only a waste of 80 minutes. Not bad.

I saw this and couldn't put it away. It has nothing to do with the title, the synopsis, the production company, or the fact that it was made in the year of Hard Target (praise the Lord!). All I can see here is that this movie has guns and Highlander (Christopher Lambert), Solo (Mario Van Peebles), Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary), and Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart). With a cast like that I can't justify not owning it. I haven't even seen the trailer for it yet. I know its right under this sentence but I'm posting it blindly. I don't want anything to ruin this for me. I'm watching this baby blind and I will savor every god damn second of it. Action flick of the month? Perhaps. We will see. Look forward to a review in the near future.

I just watched Bitch Slap last night. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more. Unless your a guy or a lesbian you may or may not like this movie. There's tons of cleavage, tons of womenly hotness, and a very very erotic softcore porn lesbian scene 40 minutes in. AND IT LASTS LIKE 5 MINUTES. This movie is WIN! I can't wait to show it at my friend's Bad Movie Night. It's gonna be epic. And also its like a reunion movie for the main stars of Hercules and Xena. Both the leads and sidekicks make cameos in this movie.

I'll let you know though that it does get a little goofy. It's kind of like an episode of LOST where they keep flashing back in time to the events leading up to where they are now. And these flashbacks are purposefully bad green screen, over the top, insane, ridiculous, amazing...uh...stuff. It worked for me, I loved it.

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