Friday, September 10, 2010

SyFy Saturday Schedule 9/11/10

Another Saturday, another all day shitty movie marathon on the SyFy channel. I really LOVE the idea of a weekly badmoviethon but they just haven't been all that good lately. I KNOW they have a catalog of movies, of really good bad movies, but for one reason or another they refuse to show any of them anymore. But this Saturday seems like it might be worth a view if you have nothing better going on. There's a couple I'd watch here just because I haven't seen them...and it's free.

The theme here would appear to be some kind of jungle/swamp monster movies. Not bad, not bad. But where's Swamp Thing? Or Return of Swamp Thing? That movie's just horrible.

All times are EST.

9-11am: Black Swarm (another killer bee movie...but this one has Robert Englund in it!)
11-1pm: Swamp Devil (looks ok)
1-3pm: Anacondas: Trail of Blood (wtf SyFy? I know its just Anacondas...but you're showing the 4th one before the 3rd one?)
3-5pm: Anaconda 3 (giant snakes Hasslin' the Hoff)
5-9pm: Jules Verne's Mysterious Island (IMDb says this is the 60's version...but it has to be the 2005 version starring Patrick Stewart. I just don't see SyFy puttin on some old movie for 4 hours.)
9-11pm: Mandrake (This is the only IMDb link that made sense. Killer Plants!)
11-1am: Man-Thing (based on a Marvel Comic. I've wanted to see it but just haven't sit down to it yet)
1-3am: Mandrake (in case you were too busy getting wasted and now your sitting down to let it settle, here it is again!)
3-5am: The Book of Beasts (This would be that shitty Merlin movie SyFy put out recently. It's crap, don't waste your time. Watch ROBOWAR on YouTube instead!)

Enjoy! If you watch at of the above feel free to leave your comments here! I'd love to hear if any of the above are just so god awful terrible that I should watch them immediately.

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